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Take one kilo organic beef bones..

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  • Take one kilo organic beef bones..

    and do what with them ?

    The 1kg of organic beef bones are from former Formula One world champion Jody Scheckter's organic biodynamic estate Laverstoke Park, in Hampshire. I got them from Abel & Cole yesterday and froze them.

    So I'm hoping for new ideas here please. I've seen people mention bone broth - is that a stew, a soup or a stock ?
    Also have 1 kilo organic lamb bones from Laverstoke Park too.

    Thanks x

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    I would probably make stock/broth with them, unless they are marrow bones, in which case I would roast and eat them. Or if they're shanks with a good bit of meat and marrow, I'd make a stew and save the meat from them. Personally, I get better results when I roast my bones before putting them in the water to cook.