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  • Help! Oxtails question

    I made an oxtail recipe the other day. As per the recipe, so far I have cooked the meat in broth and veggies for 3 hours. Then I let it cool and put it in the fridge overnight and scraped off the fat from the top. I then cooked it for another hour. Then I let it cool again to separate the meat from the bone. The meat is still REALLY fatty. I'm not a big fan of the mouth feel of eating animal fat in large chunks... Is there a way to get more of the fat to render off or did I just buy the wrong type of meat for someone with my tastes?


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    Oxtail is very fatty by nature, so you did buy the wrong cut. Skimming the fat from oxtail soup IMO is a waste.


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      The mouthfeel is probably more due to geltain than fat. It creates a somewhat similar mouthfeel to fat. Additional simmering would likely not render much fat. That would require higher temps, which would ruin the meat and create bad tallow since there's too much protein/other stuff that would spoil the fat. So don't try it, haha.

      Maybe mentally knowing that the mouthfeel is not just coming from grease will make it more palatable. Personally, I love the texture of oxtail and other cuts with lots of gelatin.


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        How did you cook it? If in a slow cooker, I'd leave it about 8 hours. In an oven, cooked in a lidded casserole dish, I'd aim for about 3 hours.

        Oxtail is a fatty cut, but most of the fat will render off (keep it for cooking with later). If it is adequately cooked, the meat will fall off the bones with a little help from a fork. I love it! Usually there is a lot of gelatine, enough, that if you tip the meat, veg and broth into a glass bowl, and refrigerate, it can be turned out onto a plate and sliced to eat cold (provided, of course that there is not too much broth). I love it served like this on a hot day!


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          If you don't like eating animal fat, I think you might be trying to follow the wrong lifestyle, LOL. Animal fat is delicious.

          Try this the next time you want oxtail:
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            Made something similar myself the other day. 9 hours in the slow cooker. I'm sitting looking at it in a bowl (my lunch) and it's all congealed into one big lump, this is making me excited, all that fat!

            This doesnt help you at all, sorry!
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              Are you sure it's fat? Oxtail has a lot of collagen, which as someone noted can often have the same "mouthfeel" as fat (and it's very good for you!).
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                Oxtails have a ton of collagen (a protein), but about half their calories come from fat.

                Either way, it's a win-win for me, LOL! I love oxtails.


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                  Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
                  If you don't like eating animal fat, I think you might be trying to follow the wrong lifestyle, LOL.
                  No. I like fatty meat but oxtail isn't my cup o' tea either. The meat/fat ratio is over the top.


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                    i make oxtail broth with our tails and they are genuinely 100% grassfed and not fatty at all - none of our meat is as fatty as conventional tbh, except pork but thats not grassfed! is your tail grassfed? 100% grassfed? dexters are not a fatty breed either, i think they escaped the almost all prevailing fashion for 'marbling'? (fatty) there is a lot of gelatin like stuff in oxtail soup though - nice flavour.
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                      i also doubt 4 hours of cooking is enough. cuts like that can take many hours -- more like 5 or 6, even 8, depending.
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