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my neighbor just gave me her ice cream maker. need easy recipes.

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  • my neighbor just gave me her ice cream maker. need easy recipes.

    I'd like to make some vanilla ice cream or fro yo that is as easy as possible. I have carton of almond breeze almond coconut milk but im unsure how well that would translate into ice cream and several tubs of fage 2% yogurt. I was looking at doing some goat milk ice cream if possible. But I need some pretty basic standard recipes.

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    Basically, to make ice cream, make custard and freeze it. I would typically use four egg yolks to a pint of double (heavy) cream, but you could add more eggs or egg yolks to make it richer.

    But I haven't actually attempted to make ice-cream since going Primal a couple of months ago: we still have some shop-bought stuff in the freezer which we're eating as a very occasional treat, so it's going down very slowly.

    What I'd like to know is whether you can simply omit the sugar from a conventional recipe and have it work. Normally with a pint of cream you'd add 100g of caster sugar (yes, I mix my units, so sue me). Could I just leave that out altogether? Assuming you can, then the procedure would be as follows:

    Put cream in small saucepan and heat until it just starts foaming. And if you have a vanilla pod, split it and put it in the saucepan too.
    Meanwhile, beat the egg yolks in a large bowl.
    Pour the hot cream into the bowl in a few stages, so the eggs don't curdle. Remove the vanilla pod at this stage. If you didn't have a vanilla pod, add some vanilla essence now.
    Whisk hard, then pour back into the saucepan and cook with stirring until it thickens.
    Pour into the ice-cream maker and let it do its thing, then decant into a pot and freeze.

    I do wonder whether it's worthwhile making savoury ice-cream, maybe following something like this recipe but freezing instead of baking?

    Someone else will probably be along to talk about coconut milk ice-cream, which I've never tried. But I have to say this looks appealing.