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Recipe Needed for Cooking Pears Without Sugar

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  • Recipe Needed for Cooking Pears Without Sugar

    It is harvest time for cooking pears. Cooking pears are not good to eat straight off the tree. They are as hard as rocks without cooking them.

    Typical recipe is to simmer for a few hours then add to a syrup of sugar, water and cinanmon to cook awhile longer.

    Any suggestions for cooking pears without sugar? Hate to waste my harvest.

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      We have cooking pears too. I have been adding some apples to the mix for sweetness. (pealed, cored and cut in half) The apples will cook faster so take them out after 45 minutes or so. You can make apple sauce out of them or just add butter and cinnamon and eat them like that.

      Apple juice would work too if you could get it with no sugar.


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        apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey
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          Quince paste?
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            for something more savory, you can poach them in wine, with some cinnamon and black pepper. after poaching, reduce the cooking liquid to a syrup.
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              I would try slow-roasting them with a fatty meat (lamb or pork or duck) in place of vegetables. Apricots, figues and apples are often use that way, so why not pears?
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