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Spanish mackerel?

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  • Spanish mackerel?

    So I want to eat more fish, just because I like it. I'm not familiar with a lot of the different types available here in Australia, though. Today daughter and I had a good prowl around the huge fish market at the local shopping center, and I spied "spanish mackerel". Much larger than regular mackerel, couldn't see if the skin is marked like mackerel (fish was cut like steaks - if that's the term - across the width of the fish through the backbone), and the flesh looked more pinkish like salmon. Anyone here in AU tried spanish mackerel? What's it like?

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    Delicious. It is a large fish up to about 40kg. Very nice flesh if it is fresh. Not much like blue mackerel, aka slimy mackerel, at all
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      not in Au but love spanish mackerel. chef friend of mine gave me a recipe for mackerel with a red wine- plum sauce topped with toasted pecans
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        Yes! Yay! I will buy next time I'm at the Square. Fish and seafood are so expensive here, I am reluctant to buy until I know it's worthwhile.

        I've liked the regular kind of mackerel when I've had it, but I still think of Sylvester the Cat and his "here kitty kitty kitty" dangling the fish carcass...


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          Cook hooked one off a boat out of Cairns, one of the best pieces fish I've ever had. Go for it.
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