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Primal Pretzel Necklace?

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  • Primal Pretzel Necklace?

    Ok, I need a little inspiration here. The Great American Beer Festival is going on next week, and a few friends are flying in for it (we do it every year). This is the first year I've been primal for it, and I need some ideas for a pretzel necklace that's more or less primal. Here is my buddy wearing one we made last time, for reference:

    A few things:

    Yes, I'm still going to drink a lot of beer and probably make some bad food choices. Yes, I'm going to feel like hell for a few days. Sorry, this isn't changing. I do primal about 99% of the time; one weekend won't kill me. Unless it does. But this is our yearly terrible splurge, and I'm doing it up. I'd just like to mitigate the pretzel necklace as much as possible, and the more epic-looking I can make it (but without being TOO messy) the better.

    So far I have jerky...and that's about it. Need some ideas here!

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    Jerky, nuts, dried fruit, dried veg...
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      I don't have much more to add, the jerkey and dried fruit and mebbe like sweet potato chips sound like a good idea, I just wanted to say it sounds like a blast, I myself am going to indulge in what I'm guessing will be copius amounts of alcohol this weekend...sometimes you just gotta say screw it in the sake of fun


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        two thoughts on this... 1 - if you're going way off plan for the beer, why not for the pretzel necklace too? *shrug*
        2 - you could make an awesome tricked-out primal "pretzel" necklace - with jerky, sweet potato chips (make a hole in the middle so they're sweet potato rings), I'm guessing something could be done to real onions so they resemble funyons, and maybe dehydrated fruit rings - apples, peaches, pineapple... nuts are harder to "string," but maybe some baggies of nuts? dark chocolate bars? pepperoni chips, pretzel shaped cheese chips ('cause these are tasty if you do dairy, and you can shape 'em.), kale chips... maybe even some cold cuts, bell pepper rings...

        Thanks, now I want to make one for everyday use. hehehe.


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          All good ideas, thanks! I did consider just going all out with the normal necklace, but I figured I might as well mitigate what I can. If I'm just drinking like a gallon of beer and eating primal still, that's not that bad of a weekend, especially since I plan on trying out some gluten-free beers.

          I'm feeling kind of inspired for making some of these now. And yeah, I've always thought an everyday food necklace would be great.


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            Does it have to be made of real food? If not, you could get some doggy chew toys shaped like meat chops and use them.

            If it has to be real food, maybe a "shish kabob" necklace - small pieces of veggies with meat (or jerky) in between. Not only primal, but quite attractive also.
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