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Do you save chicken fat for cooking...???

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  • Do you save chicken fat for cooking...???

    Hi there.

    I am making a lot of baked chicken these days and I end up using my baster to draw the liquified fat out of the pan towards the end of cooking.

    Does anyone put it in the fridge to save and use for cooking?



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    Yes. I try to keep all fat, and use chicken fat for cooking chicken or veg to go with chicken, pork fat with pork and to roast potato to eat with with pork, beef fat for making beef casserole, or chilli etc etc. I think using the same fat as meat intensifies the flavours of the meal.


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      Google "schmaltz" and you'll see that saving chicken fat for cooking is a good thing. Cooking chicken livers in chicken fat makes a lovely dish.
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        Thanks to you both!



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          eggs scrambled in chicken fat are AMAZING.

          yes, i save as much animal fat as i can now.
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