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Anyone know the trick to CREAMY coconut choc mousse every time?

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  • Anyone know the trick to CREAMY coconut choc mousse every time?

    I'm making the super simple coconut mousse by refrig a can of full fat coconut milk and skimming off fat later and mixing in either melted 80% choc, or I've even tried stevia/baking cocoa....both sometimes come out grainy after you refrig for awhile. People who have been working with coconut for awhile, any ideas for me? (I've only been at this a few months). Would LOVE to be able to impress the veeeery resistant extended family with this dessert at thanksgiving, but would die if everyone grimaced and pretended to like it if it turned out grainy. I'm thinking this is some sort of chemistry issue (temps vs amount of whipping, etc). I've tried three diff kinds of coconut milk and it doesn't seem to be that (I've gotten creamy consistency out Taste of Thai and Native, but both have gone grainy on me too). Thanks!

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    Stick your mixing bowl and whisk attachment in the freezer for a little bit before you whip it up.
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      I think it might be a temperature thing. Have you tried melting the chocolate with a little of the coconut cream and then blending it in with the remaining cream? You will need to refrigerate the mixture again before whipping. I made something similar but I melted dark chocolate with coconut oil and then mixed it with coconut cream. I didn't whip it.
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        Does your chocolate mousse absolutely have to have coconut milk in it?

        I stole this recipe from Primal Papa:

        Avocado Chocolate Mousse

        2 ripe avocados, cut into cubes
        1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
        4 T vanilla
        2 T heavy cream (optional)
        1/3 cup maple syrup

        Use a blender to mix. Refrigerate.

        It is positively the BEST chocolate mousse I've ever eaten, and I've made many different recipes for it. The cream is optional, so it's dairy-free if you don't use cream (you might want to add an equal amount of coconut milk if it's too "thick"). It tastes like a very rich dark chocolate fluffy pudding and not at all like avocado.


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          I've made this, and added it to coffee. I think it tastes amazing by itself, very mousse-y, taste and texture is similar to frosting.

          The thick cream of coconut milk I add to a mug, about two - three tablespoons; add raw cacao to it, about the same amount, then your sweetener of choice, just to sweeten it enough. Stir the heck out of it.

          It's absolutely amazing.
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