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  • Making Ghee

    How long does it take you to make Ghee? I've tried this twice and ran out of patience both times. My second results were better, but I think I turned it up a bit too high out of impatience and wound up with something that SMELLED very much like Ghee, but it was brown. I tried to strain it, and I've been using it with no problem, but I don't think it is quite right.

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    I think I got it right this time I made myself leave it on low, and just left it alone until it stopped bubbling/hissing, then strained it through a few layers of cheesecloth. It smells heavenly and is quite clear. Kind of looks like honey in a way. I think the last time I had browned butter that was on the verge of burning, but I think I actually have Ghee this time Trying to get away from all forms of milk...

    I hope people can see this image, or at least click on it and check it out. I see it is pending approval...

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      I only uploaded one image but there are two on the page? It was the smaller one that I uploaded. The larger one was my original upload but I deleted it and cropped/resized the original to get the smaller image.

      Also, my ghee this morning was a nice golden yellow and I used it to make eggs. That one package of Kerrygold ghee pretty much filled my Purity Farms small ghee jar - and it was about $3.5 cheaper AND no milk solids. I will take it! It did seem a bit softer than I expected, but I've not a lot of experience with ghee.