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Bone broth questions

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  • Bone broth questions

    Do you absolutely have to add vinegar to bone broth? The last time I did that, it turned nasty and I had to throw it out and this was after I added only 1 teaspoon.

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    Nope. Not necessary but apparently routinely recommended. If you are cooking the bones for a full day you are getting out what you want to get out. Try cutting the pieces into 2-3" chunks to expose more of the bone surface and add some lemon juice instead of vinegar (the acid is the key; not specifically the vinegar). I kind of like the thought behind some acid being needed to extract more minerals from the bones but I've seen some say it isn't necessary... cook the hell out of them, though.

    If you used white vinegar that could have been the problem. What do you mean by nasty? Just the taste? Apple cider vinegar is a better choice. Or the lemon juice.

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      I can't remember if I used white vinegar or ACV when I made it. Like I said, its been well over a year since my last attempt. Figured I would do this with the turkey bones leftover from tomorrow. I think I tried it with beef bones the last time and it just didn't seem very beefy. I remember there being a bitter taste, but that's it.


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        You may've added too much vinegar. You only need a couple glugs for a 6 quart crock pot.
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