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    I discovered hot pot (shabu shabu in Japanese) while living in Japan a few years ago and I recently took notice that if you don't use noodles, it's totally paleo! See if there's an Asian restaurant in your town offering hot pot - they are often all-you-can-eat, too, which is awesome - or make your own!

    Basically, for legit hot pot, you'll need a hot plate and a big pot that's not too tall; fill it up with broth and let the broth simmer while dipping veggies and meats in the pot with chopsticks or a skimmer for a minute or two.

    Make a savory broth using whatever seasonings your little heart desires - last night, I used bone broth, to which I added 2 chicken bouillon cubes, sriracha sauce, and fish sauce. Then pick up a bunch of greens, seafood, and thinly sliced frozen meats (available in Asian grocery stores). The meat has to be cut thinly enough that it will cook through in a matter of a minute in boiling water/broth.

    For example, last night we picked up some gai lan, red spinach, bok choy, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, some other exotic mushrooms that I don't remember the name of, and then for meats, we picked up frozen oysters, chicken stew meat, lamb shoulder, beef chuck, and pork belly. I also got some extra-firm tofu (not primal). Delicious and healthy!

    Not my meal, but just a picture of how delicious hot pot looks:

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    Yup, my family does hot pot-- shabu shabu and sukiyaki-- occasionally in the winter. IMO it's the best way to share a meal with lots of people, you can eat what you want. The noodles are always cooked at the end, so easy to skip that part.


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      Ahh, nice! I live in Vietnam, but have a lot of Japanese restaurants on my street. Will check it out. Thank you for sharing your idea!


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        Hot pot it amazing! I got "acquainted" with it on my trip to Hong Kong. I have been planning to buy a little tabletop hotplate and make them at home. I have seen them in quite a few Chinese restaurants, especially Cantonese.


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          This is something new for me as I have not heard about it ever. Would like to have some suggestions and tips on it and how to cook.


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            I have tried that too. Shabu-shabu is so yummy and I like the fact that you can add condiments and eat the food as you want it. The secret lies on the water with flavor on the pot.