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  • Coconut Flour Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good coconut flour? Everything I make with my coconut flour has a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Is this normal? What brand is best in your opinion?


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    I've only used one brand and found that it imparted a slightly sweet flavor all on its own.

    Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Flour -- 1 lb - Vitacost
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      Hmmmm...that's the one I am using. It seems to have this slight bitter aftertaste. Having never used coconut flour before, I have no basis for comparison. Just not sure if it's my tastebuds or the flour!


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        I'm wondering if it's my baking powder in combination with the coconut flour? Even my 14 yr old son said the bread was bitter before I even mentioned it.


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          I like Tropical Traditions coconut flour. I think you're right about the baking powder being the possible cause.


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            my coconut flour baked goods would always end up a little bitter when i first started using it because of my tendency to over bake it. it very quickly takes on a bitter, burnt egg flavor if even slightly overcooked. pancakes, brownies, breads... would all turn out bitter. then i realized i was overdoing it.


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              I've only tried Let's Do Organic's Coconut Flour, and Wilderness Family Naturals brand. Liked them both. Usually buy the former because it is cheaper here. I've not noticed the bitterness factor so really can't comment more