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Marrow with Butter Spread

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  • Marrow with Butter Spread

    Holy Cow, I looked up bone marrow nutrition and it is so calorically dense!
    But anyway, so I bought this Bone Marrow with Butter Spread from Prather Ranch Meats. They were selling it at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at $4 each 4 oz bag. They told me that I could use it as a spread for my meats.

    Does anyone else have any ideas of how to eat it? I was thinking of adding it to soups and smoothies?
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    It would probably be awesome in soups, but might get lost or add a meaty taste to smoothies.

    Do you eat fried eggs? I would try frying them in that - the thought of it is making my mouth water.

    Reheating leftovers.

    Spread it on top of any beef dish; that stuff would turn the lowliest of burgers into a masterpiece.

    Since both items are freezable, if you're worried that you won't use it up fast enough, freeze some of it.

    I love marrow and I love butter, but would not on my own have thought of mixing them to make a spread. Sounds dreamy.
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      thanks so much! maybe I won't add it to smoothies. Don't want to risk that lol
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        On celery or carrot sticks?


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          I make Bone broth most weeks...sometimes I can get large beef bones cut up that have lots of Marrow. I cook those in the crock pot...yum... they make little globs of fat in the mix of veggies and meat. I'll have to try and spread the marrow on something.