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Raw fish and meat recipes

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  • Raw fish and meat recipes

    I am trying to incorporate more raw meat and fish/shellfish into my diet.

    i make a raw fish salad recipe which is simple. you just put lemon or lime juice over some mild fish fillets. leave it for a few hours until it looks whiter than it was. mixing a few times. then you add in things like chopped red onions, parsley etc. add some coconut cream or coconut milk. still it all up and serve. i have seen things like tomatoes added and some people sugar the fish when they put the lemon on. i never have but i guess you could use coconut sugar.

    i make carpaccio i think it is? you need slightly frozen beef or venison and a sharp knife as you need to cut it into very thin slices. lay the slices on a plate. drizzle with lemon or lime juice. serve with shavings of parmesan and salt.

    i also make toroi which is shuck a whole stack of raw mussels. chop them up. put them in a jar in layers with some chopped puha and some ACV. puha is the sow thistle so watercress could sub but would be more peppery or spinach which would be milder. leave to sit for a few hours and eat. it is very yummy on decent bread and butter but it has been a long time and i cant eat bread anyways. it is nice with something bland starchy, almost like a pickle but not quite.

    we eat kina raw out of the shell when we find it. kina is sea urchin. and also raw oysters.

    anyone got any other recipes they like? especially more unusual ones.

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    You always have filet tartare, if you have a mincer.

    I like raw beef and pork sliced over a salad. Diaphragm and heart are very nice raw with a dip or on their own, as their denser muscle type leans to "uncooked" better than some softer muscles do.
    Raw shellfish with a ratatouille-style tomato sauce can be nice. And, of course, raw salmon, sliced and served over scrambled eggs, with parsley.
    Cold beef soup is weird, but I love it. Almost all raw. Use tinned tomatoes or mash up your own, add water, grate garlic into it, tear, mash and add fresh herbs. You may want to add some olive-oil and blend it. Mince carrot and mushrooms. Thinly slice or mince beef. Mix all together. Yum!
    Liver and other organs taste milder when raw AND have more fat in them that way.
    Marrow can be warmed (to pop it out the bone) and blended with herbs and garlic to make a dip.

    Raw poultry ONLY if you gut yourself. Salmonella won't kill you, but it's apparently a bitch so you want NO chances of faecal matter having touched your raw poultry.
    Also, I find most skin (of any animal) unpalateable when raw. May just be me, but look out for it.

    Hope those are enough ideas.
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      I like raw beef and pork sliced over a salad.
      i have always ate the flesh of ruminants raw. so when you say pork, do you mean just pork raw or do you lemon juice it first? i have some wild pork i shot myself in the fridge. it never got gutted as it was shot thru the middle so we just chopped off the legs and the backstraps. i threw it in the freezer within maybe 5 hrs of it being shot. i eat medium rare pork and dont worry about it. ditto with raw bacon but that has already been cured.

      i have a mincer so i will look up a filet tartare recipe.

      no chickens to gut myself but i did find this earlier doing a google which looks interesting.
      Dana Herbert: Raw Meat Recipes: Cayenne Chicken Ceviche

      do you eat heart raw without lemoning it too? i forgot to say before i slice the meat across the grain for capaccio. so would you do that for heart? what thickness do you slice it or do you go for cubes? also with liver, a recipe would be good to try first. i can usually get lamb or chicken liver.


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        Try googling Ceviche.
        Kinda along the lines of your lemon fish but better Spicy Salsa flavors.
        Theres a lot of different variations & you can use pretty much any type of seafood but my favorite is with prawns.... Squid is good to.
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          yes fish cerviche looks like it is very similar to how i make my lemon fish but without the coconut cream. i was about to put some fish on to marinate overnight for lunch tomorrow but all the recipes i have found talk about not leaving it too long in the lemon juice so i will do it after breakfast tomorrow.


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            reporting back that my raw fish salad was divine. i used gurnard and i put the red onions in the lemon at the same time as the fish.

            next i am going to try Raw Lamb Liver Salad Recipe Easy Raw Lamb Liver Salad How To Video | lunch tomorrow!