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Chicken Artichoke in Garlic Sauce recipe P.111 of quick and easy recipes

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  • Chicken Artichoke in Garlic Sauce recipe P.111 of quick and easy recipes

    This recipe is one of my favorites. Fast, Easy, and delicious. I don't eat Chicken that often since Pastured chicken is so expensive. I only have 1 problem - even if I buy 2lbs of chicken breast (or thighs) and 2 jars of Artichokes... I only get 2 meals of out it. Chicken just doesn't fill me up, and usually doesn't stay with me that long.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to make this dish fill me up and stay with me longer? And still keep the deliciousness!
    What to add?
    Different fat to roast with?

    I'm not having this problem with beef, pork, or lamb. Lean protein doesn't seem to work for me as well. I need FAT! :-)

    Before going Primal/Paleo I used to get hungry every 2 hours..and get shaky... now - most of the time a large meal holds me off 4-6 hours... and I can skip a meal without crashing.

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    How about adding more fat to the meal? Add some bacon with the fat or some butter. Also, add in more veggies to bulk it up. Maybe serve it over some riced-cauliflower?
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Thanks for the response jammies.

      I'm guilty of having a cave man's palette...mmmmm....GOOD! or eeeeerrrgggg BAD! I have never really paid attention to how different flavors/spices etc..complement each other. Now that I'm getting into cooking, I need to start... This dish has lemon zest - so I'm guessing bacon would not work? Probably shouldn't talk bad about bacon, might get banned :-)

      I could add some more butter to the recipe... riced cauliflower should be good too.

      I might just need to look at this recipe as part of a meal... and add sides to it.

      Anyone modified this recipe?