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Creative Ideas for Salmon?

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    Iíve gone through with all of the comments and get lots of ideas. I prefer baked salmon. I'm going to try out some of these.


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      While this recipe sounds really odd, I really loved it:
      Salmon & Eggplant Curry Recipe | Eating Well

      With the whole salmon, I like making my own salted salmon. I fillet it, smother generously with coarse salt and put under the weight in the fridge. Turn it around each day till the desired saltiness.

      I also bake whole salmon in paper and make crisp salmon bits (re-frid in fat) from leftovers

      Salmon mousse is... mmgh.
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        You all are awesome. I wasn't going to order 20 pounds of salmon again, just because I hadn't been thinking creatively enough about it, but since this was my last fish, I'm definitely going to order in bulk again.
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          I like my Salmon very plain and simple.

          Fillet spiced with cayenne pepper, dill, salt and pepper & lemon juice grilled in the oven. :-)
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            Anyone got an ideas what I could do with frozen salmon? I live in Germany and fresh is bloody scarce, at least at a decent price, so I can only afford frozen.


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              Thanx in advance.


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                My favorite salmon prep is equal parts crushed garlic and ginger smeared liberally over the fish and left to sit there and get up to room temp. Then quick saute in coconut oil and either tamari or coconut aminos.