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a primal beer batter for fish ?

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  • a primal beer batter for fish ?

    Alrite you gurus,
    anyone have a answer to the topic line ?
    ice fishin produces copious fillets of perch, crappie, etc,
    and I luv my beer batter,
    no lectures on frying please

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    lecture on frying? surely of all the places on the 'net this is frying central, all that good fat!
    Do you use a deep fat fryer, what oil/fat do you use? I'm currently using tallow or lard

    anyway, i'd love a batter recipe too!


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      I, too, would love a batter recipe.

      I used to bread things with flour (or bisquick) with great success. Since going primal, the one area I really miss is being able to bread foods. I tried doing it with coconut flour once and that was disastrous. It tasted like I'd breaded it in gritty chalk with a coconut after taste.
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        i've not tried battering anything of recent BUT i have this one bookmarked to try at some stage. it is a tempura recipe for onion rings but you could use it on fish. it uses rice flour.
        Tempura Battered Onion Rings Recipe : Tyler Florence : Recipes : Food Network
        beer isnt gluten free, which is an issue for us, so i would potentially try cider instead as GF beer is way too expensive to cook with.


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          Using club soda will give the tempura batter the lightness (and fluffiness to the final product) without the gluten in the beer also.
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          Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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            I think my intent will be to let my 20% be the beer in the batter, ,,,a nice ddark taste.
            Tempura looks like it would be the answer, gotta find rice flour.

            as for the oil to fry in,
            we will transition from , eeeekkk, veg oil, to using coconut oil.
            and we don't so much a true deep fry, as fry in 1/4 inch or so in a frying pan.
            probably the same in the end.

            for breading?
            I was considering blendering walnut, or almonds, or macs ??, to small bits to near flour,
            and trying that as topping, after the egg bath.

            wanna bet there are purist here ready to burst in flame ?


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              for breading?
              ground up pork rinds?


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                I'm starting to picture a perch filet wrapped in , , , , bacon.
                mignon style,
                self greasing.


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                  bacon wrapped fish is pretty yummy. completely different vibe to battered fish.


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                    i'd use rice flour or coconut flour for a batter way before i'd consider using any nut flours.