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Dexrose and Almond Flour

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  • Dexrose and Almond Flour

    Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on using dextrose instead of sugar and almond flour instead of normal flour?I am addicted to sugar so therefore this is a great alternative for me to help make the transmission. Im focusing at the moment on taking grains and sugar from my diet then i will look at dairy.
    Any comments are welcomed, thanks

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    I think anything that's going to taste sweet will exacerbate your sugar cravings. The only thing you can do is decrease slowly over time the amount of sweet things you eat in general.
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      Just forget that stuff even exists. Will be way easier. Cook different kind of food, not the ususal pancakes or whatever with just other ingredients. Start the new life also psychologically.
      Or if you want to go gradually - leave 1 cookie a day for about a month or so. I mean small cookie, not american size.


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        I've been gluten-free for many years. I recently started buying almond flour. It works for some things, but the recipes have to be severely adapted.

        Almond flour has a natural sweetness to it that requires very little added sweetening to give the impression of a cookie, but is far more satisfying than cookies made from starchy flours. But I wouldn't use dextrose (corn sugar) if I felt sugar was an issue. Maybe erythritol or xylitol.

        Unless you are a food science geek in the kitchen, it might turn out to be something between an expensive failed experiment and a waste of your time.


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          Don't do it! You're just going to frustrate yourself trying to satisfy your sweet tooth. Better to ditch all sugars cold turkey for 30 days and then add fruit into your diet
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            We didn't find a good alternative to baked goods using flour. So we don't eat baking any more.
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