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good sources for baking--wife loves to bake and it's a barrier for her

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    Quick Brazilian Cheese Rolls {Pao de Queijo} | Our Best Bites is an easy recipe for a quick bread/muffin. Substitute olive or avocado oil for the canola.

    I've doubled the egg to make it fluffier and that worked well. I use all parmesan because I always have it around, but I don't always have cheddar on hand. I've even baked it in a cast iron skillet to make "bread" for a Primal Phillie Cheese Steak. Very flexible recipe. Next time I make it, instead of doubling the egg, I'm going to add two egg whites and see if that makes it even fluffier - egg yolks will never go to waste if I'm around.
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      Paleo Bread Recipe - Health Extremist
      I just made this bread last night with rendered bacon fat in place for coconut oil and it came out awesome!
      Wasn't flat at all like the other primal/paleo breads I made
      I used 1c of almond flour than 1.25 cause I'm stingy though if that changes anything


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        I got a pizza recipe, if you like pizza.

        Primal Pizza |

        Sits in your stomach like a brick to be sure - horribly filling - but tastes nice.
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