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Guys I need your help. Cooking for a vegetarian :-O

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  • Guys I need your help. Cooking for a vegetarian :-O

    Hi everyone,

    I've been seeing this awesome guy recently, but unfortunately for my steak-loving, stock-brewing ways, he's a vegetarian. Nooooo!! (Though recently turned, so there still might be hope! Haha.) I'm cooking dinner for us next week and need your help in crafting something deliciously and presentably impressive, that isn't /too/ time intensive, and that is...well, vegetarian. Must go beyond your usual salads. I'll check with him if the use of bone broth is okay since it (seriously) adds so much flavor to things and would limit me less!


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    My preference is to serve simple foods that anyone can select from.

    2 vegetables
    meat (your main course)
    well-seasoned bean dish (his main course)
    fruit for dessert


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      Vegetarian or Vegan? There is a difference. Does he eat dairy / eggs?


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        He said vegetarian (I don't think I could handle vegan!), but I will double check about the eggs. He definitely eats dairy. I think it's safe to assume he eats eggs as well (but I will check).

        I'd like it if we could be eating the same main course. So I'm going to shy away from the beans. ;-) Thanks for your suggestions!


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          What about eggplant lasagna as the main course? It's really good! You can both eat it. It does have egg and cheese. A nice appetizer could be an antipasto/cheese plate with olives, cheeses, bruschetta, tapenade, etc. You could include crusty bread for him. Chocolate truffles for dessert. Don't forget the wine!
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            Good old ratatouille (onion, garlic, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper) is a brilliant standby - you can also do a good "Indian" version using ghee, some curry powder for background, a few capers for little flavour bombs, and a heap of chillies. Served with some sourdough bread slices lightly fried in some garlic and herb infused virgin olive oil and you'll wrap him around your little finger.
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              Indian is always awesome. Something like Saag Paneer?

              Failing that, does he eat fish? Baked Salmon is nuts.

              If you just want to keep it all in the vegetarian realm, oven baked Jacket wedges are incredible (I'd add garlic and some tamari to the marinade too). Just add some lightly stir fried veges, and maybe a tomato/avocado/blue cheese/capsicum/leafy greens salad?

              And for dessert, it's pretty hard to go past home made ice cream, or fruit dipped in melted chocolate (then flash frozen), or baked bananas topped with with chocolate and cream.

              Sorry, you said you didn't want something too time intensive. . . But you want to show you made a special effort, right?
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                Pomegranate - I have started doing potatoes for my guests that go something like this..............
                either peeled or unpeeled
                get two wooden spoons, and place a handle on each side of the potato.
                Chop the whole potato, but not all the way through - sort of cut it nearly through - but not all the way.
                drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt and bake in the oven
                Best roast potatoes EVER !!!!!!!!
                Good luck
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                  These are great suggestions. I like the idea of fruit dipped in chocolate for dessert! All the potato ideas sound good too, but things are warming up here, and I might save them for a colder month.

                  I wonder if should stick to Italian since most people like it (I'm not sure about his tastes yet). Might make this dinner my 10% and make some handmade pasta with him with some kale salad on the side (which translates to kale salad with pasta on the side for me). Not sure if I want to bring out the zucchini just yet. Plus I think this would be fun to make together.

                  Thanks for your help!