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Primal (Gluten Free) Dessert Cookbook - anyone?

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  • Primal (Gluten Free) Dessert Cookbook - anyone?

    Hello there

    I've noticed a myriad of books related to the up-mentioned factor on Amazon, yet i didn't dare buy any before asking here for your recommendation

    I want a gluten-free (grain-free) based desert cookbook
    Eggs / dairy are allowed, as far as i'm concerned - they are primal

    Thanks very much - really appreciated!
    "...Primal or not primal - that is the question!"

    Starting weight 85kg, 22% bodyfat (December 2012)
    Current weight 78kg, 15% bodyfat (March 2013)
    Desired weight 83-84kg , 7-8% bodyfat (May 2014 or sooner)

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    Amazon has a daily changing selection of free kindle books. Search for paleo, coconut and wheat free. Sort on price. I got over 200 free palro cookbooks like that. Use a free kindle app to read them if you don't have a kindle.


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      I've never made anything from Kelly that isn't good. Here's her ebook. Her sweet potato chocolate chip cookies are INCREDIBLE. I'll never use another chocolate chip cookie recipe! I also appreciate her desserts because she stays away from almond flour.

      A Moment of Sweetness: Paleo Dessert to Tempt Your Sweet Tooth