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Pate foiled by blender

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  • Pate foiled by blender

    Know thy blender or that sucker'll bite you in the ass. Adventures in making pate. I was really excited about finally getting my big girl pants on and deciding to delve into the world of organ meats. I figured I would start small and familiar, liver. And how do we make liver taste good? By adding tons of seasoning and butter and cream and blending it all up into a creamy goodness.

    I was really surprised at how easy it was and when the final product was sitting in the blender I tasted and dang that stuff is good. A little more salt maybe but not too shabby. I was so proud of myself. Then it all fell apart.

    I couldn't get the stupid blender off the stand. This is a new (to me) blender. I just moved into shared housing at an internship and never touched this thing before. Needless to say when I finally felt it loosen after much twisting and wiggling, I thought I was headed towards pate on cucumber slices and sunshine and puppies.

    Nope. The clouds hid my my sun and the dog catcher took all the puppies. I wasn't getting the blender off, I was unscrewing the base. Pate came flowing out of that thing like it was my brother trapped in the bathroom after a questionable bit of street meat in Mexico. Pate. All my lovely pate, everywhere. But it was kinda funny. The blender base was coated in it and it looked like a volcano spewing forth blended beef liver. And here my roommates were all thinking I was some kind of fancy pants cook. Damn. Almost had them.

    Maybe it's for the best. I got the liver from the supermarket, not grassfed at all. Maybe the organ that filters blood should be grassfed. Maybe it's a sign. Grassfed or kitchen disaster.

    Know thy blender.
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    What a shame! All that effort wasted. I've done the same with soup - leek and potato all over everywhere. My new blender doesn't come apart like that....


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      this made me laugh but i'm so sorry...
      be like a Jedi get one of those hand blenders
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