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Has anyone tried making liver jerky?

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  • Has anyone tried making liver jerky?

    Does it work? How's it taste?
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    don't think it is possible to make jerky with organ meats... no striations in tissue (?)


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      I've eaten raw fresh beef liver and it is not bad, but I really like liver and all organ meats.

      Dr. Terry Wahls talked about using it as travel food in Austin at PaleoFx this year. I found her recipe here: Joker Stewart - Liver jerky (Dr. Terry Wahls) although I have not tried it yet, but the recipe looks like something between jerky and biltong.

      Hope it helps.



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        I make a lot of jerky and I would never try drying liver. When you're making jerky you want lean muscle with the absolute minimum fat and you cut out as much of the remaining fat as humanly possible. You wouldn't be able to isolate the fat from liver and it wouldn't keep. You probably could season and dry it if you really wanted but I wouldn't imagine that the texture or taste would be good. You'd need to use a high temperature for the drying process and not use it like a travel food as you could jerky.


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          Yeah it's awesome- a really cleaning tasting food. I follow the directions from the gal who wrote an article at the "thankful expressions" blogsite about how to make desiccated liver, but I stop short of that. I use the same dehydrator as she on raw liver I've had in the freezer for at least two weeks, partially thaw it and cut it thinly as possible. I dry it for two straight days @105 so it's thoroughly dry, but not dry enough to grind to powder as she does using longer drying time. Store it in zip locks to which you've added a couple little desiccant packs and put it in the fridge to extend it's life. Much more nutrient preservation this way than in cooked liver or liver dried at higher temp. I use no spices and this dried raw liver taste is great for liver lovers. Check out that article for the necessary details. Very doable, good luck!


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            I've never made liver jerky but have had great success with heart. It's entirely fat-free, definitely desirable. The flavor is excellent and the texture of the meat yields a nice, chewy strip of jerky. For liver (to which I have TOO much access, being a friend of ranchers who don't eat the stuff), I generally go to pate of some sort. Cheers.
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