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Paleo Baby Shower Ideas?

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  • Paleo Baby Shower Ideas?

    I am throwing a baby shower for my best friend and his wife the third weekend of July and I'm trying to come up with some fun baby shower lunch ideas that are paleo/primal. The lady of honor used to be a strict chicken-only gal, but the baby has decided that she hates chicken and fish but loves beef. She also had a bunch of lactose issues prior to the pregnancy that are, at least for the time being, gone.

    My issue is that my go-to recipes almost all include pork, and she really hates pork (I know, it's weird). I'm doing a "cocktail" bar of sorts with a bunch of infused sparkling waters and different nice fruits and herbs to add to them, but food-wise, I'm a bit stumped.

    I was thinking maybe of making some asparagus beef roll-ups and some cream cheese dill turkey roll-ups, but that's as far as I have come.

    Does anyone have some (relatively simple as I'm making everything myself) good party/baby shower/wedding recipes they could share? It would be nice if they could be made ahead so that I can do the prep the day before and then setup will be simpler. Also, any good dessert ideas are definitely welcome.

    I should mention that I am the only primal person there, but I want the whole thing to be primal to show that food can both rock and be healthy for you without being preachy or heavy-handed.

    Thanks for the help!

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    ribeyes on the BBQ...


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      Meatballs in some kind of yummy (could be bottled) sauce with toothpicks. Warm in a crockpot and serve.

      Cream cheese dips. Raw veggies for dipping.

      Full fat sour cream and maple syrup dip for the fruit.

      Deviled eggs. Lots of deviled eggs. I had some on Canada Day with horseradish mayo - seriously good!


      Shrimp and cocktail sauce or spicy peanut sauce.

      Dark chocolate squares and Mejpool dates.

      A big fillet of smoked or cooked and cooled salmon. Rice crackers for those who think it's necessary.


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        shish-kebobs-both fruit and meaty versions (that way you can make these a day or two ahead and just have to toss on the grill)

        Bacon wrapped anything (as long as her dislike of pork doesn't include bacon) on a stick is quick, easy, and not very messy (I'm thinking shrimp, meatballs, chicken cubes, ect)

        Stuffed mushrooms (lots of ideas out there, from just cheese to ground beef)

        Stuffed cherry tomatoes (these are a pain but they taste awesome. Again, lots of recipes out there and I've done them up to two days ahead of time with no problems with looks or taste.)

        Chilled soups like regular gazpacho, or watermelon-tomato gazpacho, or fruit soups. They can be made a head of time and you can often find cute cups to serve them in at the dollar store.

        Deviled eggs

        Raw fruit and veggies with dipping sauces

        Since you're doing a "bar" type thing maybe hot wings or cheese sticks? If you can find the smaller wing/leg sections those would be cocktail like as well. You could also do mini beef sliders/burgers, lettuce cup tacos (using a lettuce leaf instead of a taco shell) and cocktail wienies (I think there are all beef ones out there). No idea where you are but these items may make the house hot and not sure how much you could make ahead of time.

        For desserts:

        paleo/primal fudge
        fresh fruit and cream
        more fruit kebobs
        cookies (there are lots of recipes out there)

        and... the diaper cake! (which may be the hardest 'cake' you ever make, but darn cute, and she'll need all the diapers. Unless she's going the cloth route but I'm sure there are cloth diaper cakes out there too.)
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