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So I made bone broth.

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  • So I made bone broth.

    And it's very acidic, I added a bit of cider vinegar and some tomatoes as I saw recommended somewhere. I'm guessing thats the reason but was wondering if it was normally like that without the addition of those acids?
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    i add a splash, +/- tbsp, of apple cider vinegar when i cook a pot of it and it only every tastes mellowish meaty

    maybe too much vinegar? maybe the tomatoes were a little overkill? split the pot in half & buy more bones and make 2 pots of broth?
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      I usually splash some ACV in mine, I would say that the tomatoes probably made it acidic. Bone broth just makes me think of richer chicken stock.
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        Well, I strained it out today, removed and saved all the tasty solids warm a cup up and drank it. It was pretty good and not as acidic as while it was cooking. I could however taste the vinegar so maybe less next time and cut out the tomatoes all together as they didnt seem to do much but add to the acidity.

        I do have some more bones frozen but I think i may try a quick onion soup or au jus kind of reduction. I'm afraid to mess with it much and make a mess of it.

        Thanks for the replies.
        I find your lack of bacon disturbing.