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A good recipe for beef kidneys?

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  • A good recipe for beef kidneys?

    I bought a ludicrously cheap package of organic beef kidneys and now I can't really decide what to do with them (the cleaning part is pretty clear, though). I've eaten kidneys before (usually in a boring thickened sauce with rice) but I have never cooked them myself. When browsing recipes, I was puzzled by the widely different cooking times. Some people insist that beef kidneys are rather tough and need hours of braising, while others just lightly brown them and then return them in the pan for a while when the other ingredients are cooked.

    Any recipes you could recommend? I'd probably prefer something with red wines, herbs and vegetables.

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    Use them to "beef" up a Bourguignon?

    Sound like it fits the bill: Living in the Ice Age: Beef Bourguignon ... Simplified ... not a recipe, as such, but a method you can follow. Rustic French food is never really about a recipe anyway.

    Add your offals in, cut into good sized pieces, at the cooking stage - no need to tenderise in the wine.

    There's also a Daube de Boeuf Provencale: Living in the Ice Age: Daube de Boeuf Provencale ... again, add in your offals at the cooking stage. This one is basically the same thing, but served with a mound of rice or fries, Provencale-style.

    Enjoy ...

    "... needs more fish!"


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      This recipe is delicious. I make it with any kind of kidneys, but make sure they are cut into bite sized pieces!

      Kidneys With Beetroot - Riverford Organic Farms


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        Healthy is the new wealthy.


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          In the end, I didn't have much time for cooking so I just browned an onion and the kidneys and tossed together some mushrooms, very ripe tomatoes, a bit of red wine, garlic, bay leaves and pepper. After one hour of braising, it was delicious.

          Thank you all!


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            Here is another idea for future reference:

            THE PURPOSEFUL COOK; With the Right Touch, Offal Can Be Anything but Off-Putting - Page 2 - New York Times

            It isn't Primal with the flour and soy sauce, but it can be easily modified.