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    What's everyone's ration regarding rice and liquid in their rice cooker?

    What's everyone's ratio?

    I have been using 1 cup of rice to 1.5 of liquid (being water , stock etc) with a tsp of salt and a little fat (5g of Butter). But with some hit & miss results

    Thx in advance

    From London England UK

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    I haven't owned a rice cooker in a long time, but I thought it was one cup rice to two cups water. I also remember my Japanese roommates teaching me to put the rice in and add water until it comes up to the first joint of your index finger. What kind of rice are you using. Do you rinse it first?

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      I usually use 1:1.5 ratio of rice to water. A bit more w brown rice.
      My hub also says 1 knuckle rice, 2 knuckles water
      We barely make rice these days but a streamer is so easy. Ours in one of our last teflon coated products (that and a cookie sheet). If I do replace, will be looking for non teflon. Any recommendations?


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        I usually use one part of rice to one and a third parts of water for most types of rice, including short grain, regular long grain (including jasmine), and sweet rice, both white and brown. Genuine Basmati rice (the kind that cooks up really long) takes two and a third parts of water per part of rice.

        It is good to allow the rice to soak for a couple of hours before turning on the rice cooker.


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          Depends on the rice. Brown rice usually is 2:1. White rice usually 1.5:1. When in doubt I use my google-fu.
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            It depends on your rice cooker, too. The better the rice cooker, the less water it takes. I have a big cheap rice cooker that uses a lot more water than my little Zojirushi neuro fuzzy logic cooker.


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              I use 1 : 1.25 rice : water, plus a splash of evoo, and a pinch of salt. For brown rice it's 1:2 rice:water.


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                For white rice, I use 1 cup rice to 1.25 cup water.
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                  It really does depend on the rice RC. We have an Indonesian chef living with us and she uses her rice cooker all the time. With the long grain Japanese rice we always use 1 cup to 1 cup. It does say this on the front of the machine. My suggestion is google the brand and check. She never adds anything else during the cooking part, however does add other ingreds after, ie salt etc......
                  good luck.
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                    I'll let you into the extremely scientific method used by my Malaysian family for many generations.

                    Place rice in cooker (however many cups you think you need), rinse with cold water and pour off, rinse and repeat until water is no longer cloudy, add fresh cold water until the water is a knuckle above the top of the rice

                    By that I mean you have settled the rice so it's all level and you put your index finger in the pot until the top of your your finger touches the rice and the water comes up to the 1st knuckle of your finger.

                    Bizarrely it works no matter who does it, whether it's the tiny 83yo grandmother or the 5' 10"grandson with hands like meathooks. We all do it the same and the rice cones out just right.

                    We generally use Thai jasmine rice cooked more sticky style so it clumps together, target than like the fall apart individual grains Indian basmati style rice.
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                      I was shown YEARS (35 or so) ago by a Sri Lankan friend how he does rice and it never fails. To one mug of basmati rice, 2.5 mugs of water. Don't wash the rice; simply pour it into a wide saucepan, add the water stir once and put to heat. Don't cover. Bring to boil, turn down to a simmer and leave it alone - eventually the surface is covered in little sort of craters and tipping the pan slightly shows no water left. At this point take off heat and cover, leave for 5 minutes then stir through gently, add salt or flavourings or serve as it is.

                      The rice always comes out perfectly; separate grains, not sticky at all and so easy!


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                        I usually use 3 parts water to 1 part rice, but I almost always make such a small amount (1/4 c dry) that if I did 1.5 to 1, the water would steam off too quickly. If I make more than 1/2 cup dry, I use 2.5 to one. I like my rice soft and starchy.
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                          I like my rice soft. No better tasting rice than that. So I add a lil bit extra water. Maybe half an inch more.
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                            I have two types of rice in the house and my rice cooker is a cheapy one.

                            my Asian rice is 1.5 (rice):2.0 (water)
                            and my other rice is sona masoori. I have to go to the Indian grocery store to get it, but it has the lowest starch content of any rice.
                            I never thought about adding butter.


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                              I do 1 cup rice to 2 cups fluids. Some times the fluid is 1 cup bone broth 1 cup water. No butter needed unless I am not making plain rice but a pilaf.

                              It really depends on how many cups rice you are cooking, how many cups total can your rice cooker cook, the speed setting, the type of rice, and what are you using the rice for (immediate consumption? Fried rice? Etc).
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