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Another plug for bone broth

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  • Another plug for bone broth

    I made some of this last week or so: Slow Cooker Beef Bone Broth | Award-Winning Paleo Recipes | Nom Nom Paleo

    I omitted the bay leaf because my local grocer evidently didn't have any.

    I had enough bones for two batches in my slow cooker (which is a bit smaller than hers), so I did each set of bones twice, adding in new raw ingredients for the second batch (retaining the old). I started with a completely clean pot for the second set of bones. Each of the four phases simmered for at least 14 hours. The effort involved was basically none. Chop up some vegetables and draw some water, turn on high and let simmer. Less effort than making a sandwich, or whatnot.

    After each batch is done, fridge it a few hours and chip the fat off. Right out of the pot, the fat tends to float about in globules near the top and all your efforts to drink it will result in a mouth full of hot fat. Not so pleasant.

    The result was somewhere between glorious and orgasmic. Even my picky fiance drank several cups in one sitting. I ended up getting 3 gallons worth of the stuff, if memory serves (I think I've got a 3qt crock). Bullion and stock can take a hike.

    So if you're still thinking about giving bone broth a try, definitely do it. If you make a bunch like I did, you can freeze it. I managed to get a 1 qt jar and one icecube tray in the freezer before the rest evaporated mysteriously. It may or may not be turning into bone and organ tissue right now.