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15 Minute Fajitas

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  • 15 Minute Fajitas

    I always loved restaurant fajitas, but never really made anything as good at home despite my experiments. I just made this with what I had in my place (not much in the way of condiments, herbs, and spices since I moved in recently), and it turned out so well I'm eating seconds instead of saving it for later. It took about 15 mins total, including chopping everything.

    This used beef but I'm sure other meats would work too. I don't have precise amounts for most of the ingredients, since I usually just add a fair amount and then add more later if I need to.

    2 pounds of 1/4 inch thick beef. I used big pieces and cut them after cooking, but strips would work too. It was a cheap cut on sale that I got- no need for good steak here.
    2 bell peppers, chopped roughly
    1 large onion, chopped roughly
    3 cloves garlic, minced
    water (any other liquid- stock, beer, lime juice, etc, would be better. All I had was water and it was fine)

    Melt a good amount of butter in your frying pan or skillet on medium to high heat. While it's melting, salt and pepper one side of the beef. After the butter is hot, put the beef in, seasoning side down, and season the other side. Flip after a few minutes and brown the other side as well. You might want to cook the meat in batches if your skillet isn't big, since browning is easier when there's a lot of room, and browning is key to the flavors here.

    After all the meet is browned, keep it covered on a plate and add more butter to the frying pan. Add the peppers and onion and stir a while, sprinkling a good bit of cumin all over. After 5 minutes, add the garlic and cook for another minute.

    Keeping the heat high, add about a tablespoon of tequila (ie, not a lot). CAREFUL with this, some stoves might ignite the tequila, especially if they are gas stoves. To be extra safe, let the pan cool before adding and gently bring the heat back up to boil out the alcohol. Scrape around to deglaze. add water as needed to keep deglazing if the pan dries out. Add water until there's just a pool of liquid around the veggies, then add the (sliced) beef back into the skillet. Cook to warm, stirring to mix the flavors, and enjoy.

    I usually do this with tons of cheese and sour cream, and used to eat a mountain of rice with it, but this was good enough without any of that. I was surprised how rich and flavorful a liquid remained after cooking down the water/tequila mix a bit.

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    Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!