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  • Stir fry creations

    I've made a stir fry that is so very simple and so very delicious. Teriyaki, a little soy sauce, a little worshcheshire (sp?), sauteed onions, garlic, broccoli, carrots, and usually I add grean beens and chicken but I was out of both. It is so good, and so filling!

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    I'll just add that if you like them 'saucy' that some good broth and a tablespoon of corn starch or potato starch works great.

    Just thoroughly combine the starch with a few spoonfuls of water before adding to the wok. Otherwise it will tend to make a clumpy mess.

    Stir fries are a great way to empty out the misc. veggies floating around the fridge. Very forgiving.
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      Yeah this is my go to quick meal when I have nothing else because its so easy

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        we do stir fry all the time... onions, peppers, celery, bok choy, either chicken or pork and for a change of pace we use squash. Yellow squash, or zukes work well. This year we have a butt load of patty pan, or scalloped squash, which work well too.


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          I like to stir fry in beef tallow. Yum.