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How to make liver taste good: Home made burgers

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  • How to make liver taste good: Home made burgers

    Liver in well nutritious and cheap but not everyone can handle the taste.

    Hope the pictures work, if not you can follow the link. Let me knw.

    Blend liver with onions and maybe an egg (optional binding ingredient). Add salt pepper garlic soy sauce add dessicated coconut if its too runny.

    Fry your bun. (Egg mixed with dessicated coconut)

    Fry liver pate.

    Serve with salad, cream cheese and tomato puree as ketchup

    Comments? Cheers

    Other creations of mine here:
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    i've heard of people soaking it in milk to tone it down a bit.


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      Meat smoothie!

      Good idea but I love the taste of lightly cooked liver.
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        This also makes a nice liver meatloaf.

        I happen to have liver thawed in the fridge. I was going to do chopped liver with eggs, but I think I'll do something like this instead- with a side of carrot fries.


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          You can also marinate in a little honey & red wine vinegar for an hour or so. Then I dredge it in coconut flour. Saute in bacon fat. Have with onions that have slowly sauteed in bacon fat also.


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            While liver is incredibly nutritious, Please..Please...please always get your liver from 100% grass fed sources that have not been treated with any pesticides, hormones, etc.


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              I eat liver most days. Cheap and nutritious.

              Cook onions (and mushrooms) in a little butter/ghee over a low heat for an hour or so.

              Take onions out.

              Fry liver in the juices in pan, I cook mine well so it is firmer.

              Turn to a high heat for last minute or so of cooking and add some balsamic vinegar.

              Server onions,liver and broccoli.

              I often cook a large batch of onions and add it at the end to the liver. Takes around 10 minutes this way.