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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

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  • Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

    I am new to the forum, and I am really motivated to make this work. I am 46 years old and had bilateral knee replacement last July. I played college basketball and have pounded my knees for years. I had several arthroscopic surgeries, but finally reached a point to when my quality of life was being compromised. Having both knees replaced at the same time was the worse experience I have ever endured. Shortly after the procedure, I had major complications with controlling my blood pressure. I was in the hospital for 5 days and was transferred to a rehab hospital for another 12 days. I was literally on my back for 90% of the day. When they tried to stand me up, my blood pressure would plummet. It was crazy, but I got through it and 1 year later, I am doing pretty good. I was 6'6 and weighed 295 before surgery. I lost down to 255 only two months after surgery. When I was released to go home, I started back eating and did not realize the weight would come back on so quickly. I have gained over 100% of my weight back. I am now 302. I do not look like the typical 302 pound man. I have been athletic all my life, lifted weights, and stayed in pretty good physical shape, but with bombed knees, it is limited to what I could do. Now I am back and motivated to get this done- The Right Way! I can walk a couple of miles without being in a lot of pain (still a little swelling). I have the internal strength and motivation to eat well. I love this Caveman Diet. I know I can do this.

    I love the outdoors and want to eventually get involved in some day hikes and eventually some overnight camping. I love fishing, swimming, boating, or anything else that involves water. Now that I am equipped with two Cobalt Knees (lol), I am ready to get it going again. The first big step is to get my weight down because it is not smart to bounce around and tug along additional weight on artificial knees. They will not last very long if I do not lose some weight before starting to climb mountainous areas. Thanks for posting on this site. I am so motivated by success stories of others. I will be one of those success stories. I will post my results once a week. I started the Caveman Diet today! I am pumped!!!