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Going On Three Months



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  • Going On Three Months

    Having followed MDA on Facebook, I was more intrigued by this guy in his fifties and looking like he was in his twenties. The articles were great, found some good tips and tried a couple great recipes but never really joined the primal/paleo lifestyle. But that changed when I came across a Success Story of a younger guy that was very active in triathlons but had some back issues. After changing his lifestyle to live a more primal life, his back pain is now gone and life is great. I had also been dealing with back pain I attribute to sciatica so I was in. I immediately purchased the Kindle version of Primal Blueprint and was hooked.

    And so I began my journey nearly three months ago. While I wasn't a huge guy by others standards and am fairly active, I was looking to get more lean, decrease inflammation and feel more awake during the day. Fast forward to today and I am down 16 pounds, waist size down from 40" to 36.5" and MUCH more alert during the day. My back pain is not as bad but still there and improving daily. I even bought a slack line! I am 54 and figured if Mark could do it, why not give it a try! I started a blog, got my wife on the program (who really didn't need to lose any weight but feels great) and have shared MDA with the many people asking me what I'm doing.

    I have tried many other "Diets" and for the first time, feel like this is an actual lifestyle and not some 90 day program or abs in 30 day promise. I continue to read Primal Blueprint and study as much as I can to understand how my body works and how I can control it. For those just looking into this, I would strongly encourage it. If anything, read some of the posts or Freebies and I have a feeling the decision will be an easy one.

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      awesome work! What does your "hiit" routine involve?


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        What actually you do in your routine?


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          Thanks for sharing your experience! You're doing great! I'll check your link.