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  • Originally posted by canuck416 View Post
    Just noticed that some warts I'd had for many years are now completely gone! Didn't expect that. Other things, besides the usual weight loss and great bio-markers - shoulder arthritis has disappeared and seasonal allergies have greatly diminished
    thats curious! I had a big mole on my back that I noticed is half the size this year! now I don't know if it's the diet or my overuse of green tea and graviola tea.


    • I left my wallet at a store, went back to retrieve it. The manager retrieved it from the safe, but didn't want to give me my wallet back because I looked nothing like the guy on the drivers license...

      Also went through my wardrobe last week, ended up getting rid of about 95% of my clothes. I had a few articles of clothing that I had saved in that "maybe someday I'll fit in those" area of the closet. I was excited to try them on, only to see that they looked ridiculously huge on me....


      • Hope he gave you your wallet! haha

        Success is so sweet.
        Female back to the basics: 5-2017
        CW: 2017: 150
        GW: 130 a dream, I know
        Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


        • Originally posted by shiggles View Post
          - I dream now. And my dreams are vivid and interesting.
          - My knees no longer creak and crack when I get up from a squat.
          - When I get up from squatting for a longer period of time, I'm no longer light headed or dizzy.
          - No more headaches.
          - Air of smug superiority when I'm behind people buying a hundred dollars worth of grain and gluten products (j/k?)

          ^Regarding your dreams, that might be due to more magnesium in your diet. Mag before bed, or just higher levels in general, always give me vivid dreams!! It's great.


          • I have been paleo 2 months now although I include cheese and kefir in my diet and these are some of the things that have changed:

            -more energy
            -wake up b4 my alarm clock every single morning
            -stronger nails
            -no fuzzies on - I have periodontal problems and I can't wait until my next periodontal appointment.
            -skin is glowing
            -no more belly fat, although I am very slim, I always had a little belly fat.

            Can't wait to see what else. Yupee.

            P.s. oh poo doesn't smell anymore either ..haha
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            • I've only been doing paleo a week and 5 days and I've noticed a few things...

              - Increased energy
              - Increased senses
              - cleaner teeth
              - wrinkles disappearing before my eyes (I swear the forehead lines were just there last week)
              - obviously weight loss

              If these are the results and it isn't even a full two weeks, I'm sold! Can't wait to fully Benjamin Button myself!

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              • Been back on the primal/paleo bandwagon for 5 days now and already feeling so much better. Met my husband during my first whole 30 about 4 years ago and since I finished that I went off plan, got pregnant 2 times in those years and now after years of feeling tired and sore from the busy life I lead (staying home with Littles and working part time as a hospital nurse). I've been reading this whole thread over the past 2 days of night shifts. Already feel smaller/less bloated and my energy has gone through the roof. I haven't even been perfect with eating either. Usually night shifts just kill me. I'm so exhausted for days it's bone deep and it's hard to recover. I'm on night 2 and still managed to do laundry today and feel kind of like the energizer bunny. My head is clearer.

                My motivation this time was wanting to get of the chronic hip pain I've had since my last pregnancy more so than weight loss but that will be nice too since I'm carrying 30 more pounds than I need right now. It's been inspiring reading through all the benefits I'd forgotten about. I just hope I can get my husband on board someday so he can stop being so tired and sore all the time too.