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    NDF, you are remembering correctly for a "classic" case of PCOS, but those of us who are thin normally have normal/low estrogen, and just about everyone has low estrogen while breastfeeding.


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      Well, my son has been weaned for about a month now. I noticed a couple weeks after my weight started going up, along with more breakouts. I decided to go back on metformin, trying 1500mg extended release this time. I'm having the usual side effects as my body gets used to it, but I've at least seen a bit of weight loss and the breakouts are calming down.
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        PCOS - Metformin Q

        Hey gals! I am 1 week in and love the different diet changes! My PCOS was out of control and I am really hoping this will help. I find the lower carb part of this very easy and I was already no dairy.
        I'm wondering if you guys went off your Metformin? I have not had it for 3 days and go to the Dr. tomorrow for a check-up. However, I think my Dr. is an idiot.
        I am seriously thinking of staying off for a while and continuing the paleo/primal diet. Any input?
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          What do you mean by 'out of control'? From what I understand PCOS can manifest a lot of different symptoms.

          In my own case I haven't had regular periods since puberty (basically never). After 3 years my doctor decided to put me on birth control (I was 16) and told me that I would grow out of it. Fast forward to being 24, getting married, and trying to start a family. Without the pill I was having a period about twice a year and not ovulating at all.

          Since improving my diet and then going primal I have seen, for the past year and a half, a period roughly every two months lasting two weeks apiece. Previously they would last 2-3 weeks and be so heavy I would need three heavy nighttime pads a day. I was also passing huge blood clots. It was terrifying.

          Now, however, while my periods can still last 2 weeks, they aren't nearly as heavy and my cramps are almost non-existant. I'm not sure if I'm ovulating but my gut tells me no. My husband and I are pretty active and don't bother with contraception and nothing's happened yet, but the regulation of my cycle has been wonderful.

          Funnily enough, I just got my period yesterday, exactly 30 days after the onset of my last period (which lasted 2 weeks). I'm eager to see how long this one lasts and if it's the beginning of an even more regular cycle. (I hope so, because if this one lasts 2 weeks as well it'll ruin my first vacation in almost 10 years!)

          Just keep in mind that hormones are intensely complicated things and everybody reacts to paleo differently. What sorts itself out for you first really depends on you. You may notice improvement immediately, or it may take a while. It's taken me a while because I've had a lot of problems to work through. Good luck.


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            Hi ladies! New to the forum and am definitely inspired by all of your stories! Starting on PB tomorrow and hoping for the best!


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              Another Primal PCOS'er here. I have had a severe case of PCOS since early puberty. Was diagnosed at the age of 15 with PCOS and at the age of 17, I was diagnosed with endometriosis as well. I was put on two different forms of birth control during my teens and college years. Neither of them regulated my cycle or helped very much with other symptoms. My doctors have told me repeatedly that my chances of ever having a normal cycle were slim to none. I lost my insurance when I was let go from my last job. I refused to take Metformin, even after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago. I didn't want to be dependent on drugs...too many of my family members have went that route and it scares me.

              Anyway, I have been primal for almost 2 months and have noticed some positive changes. Namely, I have already had 2 cycles. I have never had regular cycles at all. I once went nearly 2 years without one and whenever I did get one, it was god awful. I haven't lost much weight but I do feel better and some of secondary symptoms (body hair, acne) have improved significantly. My body hair doesn't grow as fast and my acne is pretty much gone.

              Looking forward to other changes as time goes on.


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                Hey, y'all! Another PCOS'er here. I'm on metformin and just completed a round of Whole 30 where I totally cut out all dairy and nightshades. I'm not sure which helped, but the hair growth on my neck & chin improved dramatically. So did my acne. I"m pretty sure it was the dairy so I'm bummed about that.

                Weight loss has been very slow but it's worked better than anything else I've tried and my clothes are fitting looser than the scale indicates so I know some of that has to do with lifting heavy things. Overall, PB has been a godsend for the symptoms of PCOS that bugged me the most.


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                  Just wanted to revive this thread and ask - has anyone here done low-carb PB (80 grams or under per day) and been of metformin? The last time I tried met it gave me really low blood sugar, so I went off quickly. I wonder if the same (or worse) would happen now that I'm primal. I am also have thin PCOS with an unusual hormone profile, but diagnosed with IR.


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                    Hi Rory,

                    I haven't been consistently super low carb, but I usually hang around 50-75. I was prescribed 1500mg slow release Met and for awhile I had too low blood sugar so I did half the dose and it felt right. My cycles are 33 days as long as I stay on the Met. These past two months though my acne has flared up so I increased the dose back to the 1500mg and so far my blood sugar seems stable. I don't have IR. My symptoms were irregular periods & acne. I'm overweight. (Lost 36lbs so far! Maybe 12 to go.) I wonder if the slow release Met would help you feel ok with regards to blood sugar.
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                      The CURE for PCOS is iodine supplementation.

                      Severe Deficiency Symptoms for the ladies:
                      * Migraine headaches (5,6)
                      * Painful periods/heavy periods (5,6)
                      * Pelvic pain (5,6)
                      * PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-cysts on the ovaries ) (5,6)
                      * Endometriosis (5,6)
                      * Fibroid Tumors (5,6)
                      * Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) (5,6)
                      * Breast pain (fibrous tissue) (5,6)
                      * Cancers in female breasts & organs (5,6)

                      (5) Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominant Diseases - Jorge D. Flechas, MD - YouTube
                      (6) Iodine for Health by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD

                      For much more go to the Iodine Thread and go to the Yahoo Iodine Discussion Group,

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                        I have been Primal for 5 weeks now and would like to know how the ladies that posted on here are getting on now with PCOS symptoms especially with weight loss and insulin resistance.


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                          Hi there. I have been primal for over 2 years now. I also have endometriosis. Going primal has done wonders for my health and weight loss. (30lbs to date) I still needed to take Metformin to get my periods regular. But my periods were much better to handle. Less cramps, less heavy. Yet I did need to go back on birth control to help with the pain of endometriosis. My blood sugar came under control also. My triglycerides and other blood work look great. I am still dealing with acne. So, being primal has definitely helped, but it hasn't been a cure all yet. Maybe someday. I was sick for over 20 years and primal for just 2. So I'm getting there. Be encouraged, you are on the right path!
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                            my guy found this for me, and i'm forwarding it to all of you. i learned some new things about insulin.

                            An Unconventional Approach to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) | The Primal Parent
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                              Thank you, ladies for the encouragement and reading material. it's really helps to know that someone else has been there and has had great benefits. I haven't had a period for about 2+ years and I am really hoping that going Primal will really help to bring to get my cycle back.


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                                Avoiding carbs is the only thing which ever worked with most of symptoms, though this month I went on a sort of a carb frenzy going well up 100gr the other day and this afternoon.
                                Hormonal therapies were a total fail for me, I got severe depression when I was a teen (discontinued and used the "starve and codeine/NSAIDS symptoms management protocol" plus staying at home during heavy periods).
                                My period went away when I was following dialysis therapy and pain got nasty. Nasty as in "I can't walk" and "vomiting out of migraine" nasty, with colon paralysis once in a while which was excruciating and potentially deathly given the fact that at the time I was on peritoneal dialysis (12 hours a day). I'm lucky I'm not prone to opioids addiction or I'd be a total junkie.
                                I was forced into hormonal treatment because of bone density issues and the sort and that got hellish, put an end to my family living and blowed away any piece of mind I had, I knew it was the pill but anyway I couldn't get out from bed so bad I was feeling. I dropped it after six months but it was too late, they've tried progesterone cycles and it blew up my coagulation panels. My veins at that time were showing like hell, but the worse part was pain getting constantly bad and blood loss being so heavy I was on a transfusion protocol (and at that point I sent all out the window and refused everything). Cloths were huge, yes.
                                When I changed to hemodialysis I switched diets (so to make the nutritionist happy) and almost died because of high potassium (7.9), they kept on saying I was eating to much vegetables and foods rich in potassium when I was not: glucagon was eating my at the time noticeable muscle mass and potassium was just a byproduct of it.
                                If I stay clean and high fat low anything which might touch my insulin levels I live a happy life and cysts stay really small (2.5 cm while I had 9 cm cysts during "glorious" times). My extra endometrial tissue is in the rectum and that causes a lot of problems, anti inflammatory drugs (steroids or not) are not available for me anymore (NSAIDs could damage my transplanted kidney, I already take enough steroids and opioids and their agonists are currently unavailable because of their liver metabolism competing with immune-suppresant drugs).
                                I know I'm lucky and got it easy because I have a manageable condition which got truly better after transplantation allowed some diet adjustments, in my case insulin is fully responsible of my ovaries misbehaving it so I can get on with it the easy way by staying primal as much as I can.


                                BloodOrchid you really can get away with dairy? I tried mascarpone this month, and some aged cheese but pain came back and I got into cravings. Maybe goat cheese? I really love cheese.
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