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    Doctors discuss PCOS caused by iodine deficiency
    Cysts form in the body when there is an iodine deficiency! Many of us women on the VWT forum have also reported no more fibroCYSTic breast disease. It's not just the thyroid that must have iodine, but the whole body! The thyroid and breast actually compete for any iodine that comes into the body; I believe the ovaries come next, followed by the skin, which holds 20% of the body's need for iodine.

    Please, start listening, and then I can guarantee you you will WANT to read more!
    Iodine Dr Flechas Dr Stan Two Hour uploaded to CureZone by unyquity On CureZone Image Gallery
    Re: Interstitial Cystitis and Polycystic Overian Syndrowme help at Ask Trapper, message 1242772

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      And then there are women like me who stop being symptomatic after taking on a diet free of wheat and fake fats

      I keep saying that over and over again

      If their cysts go away and they can get pregnant and stay pregnant just by taking a pill then that's great but that won't work with me so I can say with all sincerity that it takes more than pumping up on iodine to treat pcos

      If I had just taken iodine while keeping my clean diet I'd still have zero periods. I'd still have body hair. I'd still have miscarried. You have. To change. The diet.
      yeah you are

      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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        Originally posted by Rae View Post
        I was wondering if anyone with insulin problems related to PCOS have a sort of rxn to very rich sugary food like candy bars. I do not eat most chocolate bc even the smallest amount like a Hershey kiss, makes me feel nearly sick and I get an overwhelming desire for something salty to counteract it. I have not been tested for any IR yet and was curious if anyone here has that rxn. I'm not saying the two are related but its pretty weird.
        I'm not sure what RXN is but I've never had a reaction like that. But I don't react obviously to wheat either. It just doesn't mean much with me, unfortunately.
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          I think rxn=reaction?

          I've never had that kind of reaction to sugary stuff. If I eat too much of it, sure I'll feel bad, but that could be said for anything you eat too much of.
          I don't get any kind of obvious reaction when I eat something bad. At least nothing that I've noticed.
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            I don't have that kind if reaction, but I do know that I will begin to crave more sweets.

            My update with PCOS and endometriosis is that in the beginning of the year I was treated for H Pylori in my gut plus found out that I can't have a crumb of gluten. I was on birth control pills to reduce pain of endometriosis. It had helped some, but not completely. I noticed about 2 weeks after being treated for H Pylori, plus being super super careful not to be exposed to gluten the pain had gone completely!

            I decided a month and a half ago to go off bcp to try to get to the root hormone issue. I am already being treated for high cortisol, but I suspect that I've had low progesterone from the beginning.

            I'm charting my temps and my first cycle looked great. I'm not sure how this cycle is going yet.

            The downside of this experiment is that I've gained 6 lbs and almost 2 inches on my hips. ( it's not about calories in & out. I am eating very well and primal.) My acne is trying to come back, but under control right now. Hormones are such powerful things. So this is where I am at in my journey.
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              Required Iodine
              * Our body requires both iodine AND iodide (lugols iodine & iodoral capsules recommended)
              - - - Iodine is used by the prostate + Stomach
              - - - Iodide (SSKI) is used by the thyroid + skin + Salivary
              - - - kidneys, spleen, liver, blood, breasts & intestines can use either form
              Thyroid needs 3% prefers iodide (50mg iodine)
              Skin needs 20% and prefers iodide
              Salivary Glands prefer iodide
              Muscles (650mg) and fat needs(700mg iodine) 70%
              Breast tissue needs 3-5 mg / day minimum and prefers iodine
              Prostate prefers iodine
              Stomach prefers iodine
              Lungs prefer iodide
              Entire body stores 1500 mg 1.5 gm total
              * Dr Brownstein Recommended supplements = Lugols Liquid or iodoral 12 or 50 mg caps

              Dr. Michael Donaldson:
              Other organs are also able to take up iodine, too, by the same transport protein as the
              thyroid. Research has shown that the receptor for iodine uptake is in the thyroid gland,
              salivary gland, parotid gland, submandibular gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, testis,
              mammary gland, gastric mucosa, prostate, ovary, adrenal gland, heart, thymus, lung, (3)
              bladder, kidney, endometrium,(4) and also breast, ovary and colon (5) and the lacrimal
              gland (6). The ovaries hold the second highest concentration of iodine, after the thyroid.
              The breasts also have a high concentration of iodine. Most secretions in the body,
              whether gastric, nasal, tears, sweat, etc., have iodine in them if sufficient iodine is present
              in the body. The skin also contains quite a bit of iodine, though its exact role isn’t clear.
              Dr. Flechas tells that clinically the ability to sweat is related to iodine and extremely low
              2body iodine stores prevent sweating, opening the body to the spread of cancer (7). Many
              of the functions of iodine are separate from its role as part of thyroid hormones. Iodine
              has a major impact on the thyroid, but it will also have a direct impact on all of the other
              tissues of the body that utilize iodine.
              Now we will look at different glands and systems of the body that are affected by iodine
              in more detail.

              After the thyroid gland the ovaries contain the highest concentration of iodine. Dr.
              Flechas has seen that iodine reverses polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ghent and Eskin
              reported the reversal of ovarian cysts with iodine (30), along with reversal of
              endometriosis and prementstrual syndrome.
              Iodine is necessary for normal ovarian
              function. Dr. Jonathan Wrights reports that iodine elevates the amount of anticarcinogenic estriol made and lowers the amount of estrone and estradiol, so that the
              three forms of estrogen are more balanced in favor of cancer prevention. (31)
              In the process of treating fibrocystic breast disease Ghent and Eskin also found that the
              elemental iodine was also an effective treatment for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and
              premenstrual syndrome (30). Iodine appears to normalize ovarian function and estrogen
              production to alleviate these female problems as well. More here:



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                If you want, under the Forum General Settings you can Edit your Ignore List and enter in Grizz and then at least you don't have see what he posts.
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                  Originally posted by Momto3 View Post
                  If you want, under the Forum General Settings you can Edit your Ignore List and enter in Grizz and then at least you don't have see what he posts.
                  Thanks for that. These posts are getting old. As we all know, there is no cure for PCOS. Excessive amounts of iodine can be harmful. For me, eating low carb has done the most for controlling my PCOS. I increased my sugar/carbs for a while and now I have a cyst on each ovary. I am having them removed on Monday and I am back to roughly 50 carbs a day.


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                    I hope your surgery goes well.

                    I played around with some rice and sweet potato but I think I feel best when I stay below 75.

                    I listened to a great podcast from Underground Wellness interviewing Dr Daniel Kalish. In the podcast he said to email his office for a free copy of his books. I got them today. In the podcast it was like he was reading my medical history. I'm finally connecting the dots, not just treating one symptom after another.

                    I am just amazed how gluten intolerance/ leaky gut affects cortisol which then affects female hormone balance. I can see how all the years of what I thought was IBS led me down the road to endometriosis, PCOS, hyperplasia, infertility etc etc. it has been an amazing three year journey to undo and heal from the damage. I have hope and I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life.
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                    June 2010: 168.6 -size 16
                    Current: 155 - size 10/12
                    Goal:135 - size 8

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                      I am glad that you are feeling so much better! I am checking out Dr. Kalish now. I will have some extra time to read next week. PCOS is so tough because it is different from woman to woman but I think diet is so important. My GI doc said that much of what they know about digestion comes from studying men so it does not take into consideration the difference in the hormones between men and women.


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                        Hi everyone, I am totally new to Paleo and completely new to the forums as well.

                        I was dx with PCOS 10 years ago and with Endometriosis 7 years ago. Have been battling excess weight since puberty. Have suffered at least 4 miscarriages (I am divorced now so TTC isn't something I am concerned with for the moment, but getting myself ready for the future possibility of children is definitely important).

                        Umm... what else do I tell you about myself in a nutshell?

                        I live in Sydney, Australia and I am 38 years old.

                        I just hope I can learn alot from the forums and make a really positive impact on my health. I look forward to getting to know you all.



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                          Hello ladies,

                          I just wondered by what process you were diagnosed with PCOS?
                          I got my AMH tested and the resulting report said that my AMH level was 40 and therefore I "probably have PCOS". But I had an ultrasound that came up normal. I do have hormonal acne (and what a bummer that is btw!), but I am not overweight. Btw, I am 32 and besides auto-immune thyroiditis I feel pretty healthy. This is confusing...


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                            My T level, slightly elevated fasting blood sugar level, lack of period- those are what convinced the doctor i switched to, turned out she also has it

                            i also had skin tags, hair loss, facial hair growth, dark patches on my knees and tops of my feet, terrible anxiety and depression etc etc

                            pcos symptoms rum the gamut from mild to severe and my symptoms wont be your symptoms. i cant remember if i ever actually had cysts in my ovaries
                            yeah you are

                            Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                              I had excess weight, facial hair, heavy & painful periods - those were my worst symptoms.

                              It wasn't until I did some google searching that I found my answer, before that my Dr had no idea and just put me on the Pill. Even after my diagnosis, his solution was to put me on a different type of Pill.


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                                I never had regular periods and spent a number of years on birth control to regulate. Diagnosed and treated for endometriosis. Gained about 30lbs and that's when I started getting hormonal cystic acne, a bit of extra hair growth, and no ovulation, no periods. I basically diagnosed myself. Was taking clomid to get pregnant and asked the dr if I could try Metformin also. I ovulated! I wasn't officially diagnosed for a couple more years.
                                Primal for three years now. PCOS mostly managed. But recently (I'm 38) there has been a shift. I gained 10lbs in about a month. I'm now on 750mg Metformin. It's been two weeks. My jawline acne is trying to return. I get my hormones tested on Monday.
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                                June 2010: 168.6 -size 16
                                Current: 155 - size 10/12
                                Goal:135 - size 8

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