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Anyone Lose 200+ lbs?

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  • Anyone Lose 200+ lbs?

    Anyone here who has lost around 200 lbs on primal I would greatly appreciate some advice on how it was done.

    Thank you

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    I know there is some that have lost 100+, maybe over 150... someone will reply that's been around here longer than me.


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      *bump*, I'd be interested in this too. I have a long journey ahead of me as well, and would like some insight.
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        Read the book, get the fitness e-book, apply what you've learned.
        It will just take longer.


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          I've lost a little over 100 (still have about 140 to get to a "normal" size-ish), So when I get there, I'll be able to tell you about losing 240-ish So far it's been an up and down battle truly following Primal has been the best, most effective way I've found (and I've tried just about everything, blah)

          It's been a while since this was first posted, maybe someone has hit the 200+ lost mark now?
          One step, one decision, and one change at a time leads to a total transformation.


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            a good friend of mine got me into the primal thing and he has lost in the 175 area. he has become a runner so that has certainly augmented his progress. He is about 95% primal and it has taken about 18 months.
            i have lost low 70's
            SW 333 PBSW 308 CW 291 LW 254 GW 220


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              I have lost about 130 pounds being Primal and have kept it off for almost 2 years.

              100, 200, or 300 are just numbers between you and your goal. 200 pounds is just as doable as 100 pounds as long as you have the body fat to spare.

              It just takes dedication and I find that goes hand in hand with your motivation level.

              As many of us know, when your 100+ pounds or more over weight you have A LOT of motivation as your general day to day life is affected.

              When you’re 15 or 20 pounds overweight sure that might be enough for you to lose the weight to look great and feel better and I applaud you all but when you’re carrying so much body weight everything is harder. Your sweat all the time, you feel tired even during the day, sleeping is even harder (snoring anyone?). Also forget about buying cute / fashionable clothes, most likely you’re still rocking the t shirts and pants you have had for 5+ years because clothes shopping is just another reason to feel bad about yourself and when you do find clothes that fit that look like crap on you.

              My guess is that there are people who have lost 200+ pounds being Primal or maybe Primal and they don’t know it. Either way it’s a number (and a great accomplishment) but I doubt they would have much more to add than someone who has lost 100+

              My advice is to stick with it. For some it may take months, for some years, either way it is a life style change and not a diet. There is no ending time for being Primal, you just are and the weight loss / health benefits will follow.

              Good Luck!
              Went Primal January 24, 2011
              Lost 105 pounds in 5 months
              Currently 130 fat pounds down which is 120 pounds on the scale while putting on 10 pounds of muscle
              According to my kids I am looking more and more like the Hulk every day


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                Well, he didn't lose 200+ lbs. I think it was only 100 but his story is amazing

                Mark's Daily Apple

                and you can go here for other stories

                Mark's Daily Apple
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