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4 pounds down!

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  • 4 pounds down!

    ok, lol. It's only 4. But it's 4! And I felt like celebrating. I feel great and I know this is a way of life that I can live with.

    No crazy restrictions (remember that I have kept the sugar in my coffee for the time being, slowly easing off of that so I don't do some crazy rebound thing.) and no dragging my kids around to the gym on a daily basis where they would spend 1-2 hours in the child care. I had such a guilt complex when I was doing that last year. Here I CHOSE to be a stay at home mom and then I ended up dropping them off at childcare for 2 hours a day so I could make myself so sore that I could barely even carry them back to the van and have no energy left to play with them later. Not any more.

    Anyway, I'm losing right about a pound a week and I haven't felt this good in a long, long time. That is the most important part to me. (I'm full in for 1.5 weeks after about a month of transitiioning. And now I would say I'm about 85% Primal? with room to fudge or room to improve. That's a good spot for me.)
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    Effortless bliss! Congratulations, happy to see steady progress and results both inside and out Grokette on!!


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      WTG Chelle!!!


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        grats! i'm celebrating today too--this is day 5 on Primal living for me and i've dropped 2.6 pounds--EFFORTLESS just living Primal, eating and working out... good job Chelle!
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          Thank you so much.


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            Fantastic! I've only just started, but I've also seen good progress. It's very encouraging to hear how it's going.
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              Thanks Ryan.

              Oh and I forgot to mention... my skin looks so much better. My face is actually shiny and pink. I was starting to look sooo old. ick. Not anymore.