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Got my bloodwork back...I'm gonna live

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  • Got my bloodwork back...I'm gonna live

    So, I was already for bad news, for "You need to go on statins," (will not ever do), etc. She, the doc was scanning the report and said, "Everything looks good." Whew! No argument needed!

    Fasting glucose, 96. On the high side of normal, but OK.

    It's too bad I don't believe in the cholesterol theory of CHD, miy TC was only 174! Must be all that meat and fat making me a CHD candidate, eh?

    Trigs were 96, 2/3 of the normal max. Wish that was lower, and it sure ain't the carbs doing it.

    HDL struck me as low, 54, not much over the normal ">39." VLDL Cholesterol is 19, norm being 5-40, so that's very good news. LDL tipped the high end, 101 with normal being 0-99. The latter two are calculated values.

    Serum calcium is on the high end of normal.

    They did two Vitamin D tests. The 25-Hydroxy came back at 54.4. I was disappointed, considering my 6000 IU's and Florida summer sun. Stated normal is 32-100. Interestingly, they have inserted the following statement into their reports: "Recent studies consider the lower limit of 32.0 ng/ml to be a threshold for optimum health." The mountain is moving!

    They also did a Calcitriol (1,25 di-OH Vit D), whatever that is. Results were 49.1, normal being 10-75. So, I'm getting a goodly amount of D, but I'm going to ramp the IU's to 10,000, especially with winter and flu season being in offing.

    I have low white cell and platelet counts, although just barely. Very low neutrophils, whatever that is. Also high lymphs, 59%, norm being 14-46.

    Urine pH, absolutely neutral, 7.0. Traces of ketones and protein.

    My warranty got extended. Oh, the blood work was done before I went on my Very High Protein diet.

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    Fabulous OTB! Did she ask you about your diet?


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      Way to go, OTB!!!


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        brilliant news...

        m x


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          Awesome job OTB!

          I bet it'll only get better from here!



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            Excellent news OTB. Good to hear it.

            Start weight: 250 - 06/2009
            Current weight: 199
            Goal: 145


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              Thanks, all.

              No, nothing talked about diet.

              I wouldn't expect much change in the future. That was five months of 90%+ PB with 60-30-10 nutrient ratios.


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                Good to see things are improving so much with you. Sometimes we expect miracles and are disappointed when we have sub-miracle success. Don't let anything push you into thinking that way. Look back on where you were with your last blood test. Imagine where you will be in a year from now!

                The lymph node numbers I believe can be linked to allergies. Look into that one. If I eat something I am even slightly allergic to, I can feel my lymph nodes swelling with my fingers. I don't know how often the numbers change but they might fluctuate on a day-to-day basis.

                And you can take my advice or leave it but I would not go for the high protein thing, OTB. Have you heard of mTOR? It is an aging pathway and is increased by protein. Primal Body Primal mind actually discusses it fairly in depth I believe, but I haven't read the book myself. I suppose eating 200g or protein is better than 200g of carbs but I have no way of knowing for sure. Just be careful...