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    Hey everyone, I have not posted much but wanted to let you know of my journey.I am a 56-year-old male that has had issues with weight all of my life.In the past I have had bariatric surgery, hip replacement and gall bladder removed.After the bariatric surgery I lost weight but after about two years I started gaining the weight back. Now I can look back and contribute that to the unhealthy food that is available to everyone in grocery stores and restaurants.

    I have tried all of the weight loss programs. Weight Watchers 4 times, different programs from late night TV, I even went to a weight loss program through a very large hospital in Royal Oak MI.This diet was a liquid only diet and I was monitored twice weekly at their weight loss clinic.As you can figure I did lose the weight but then the issue was when we started back onto solid food.Then again the food was not healthy and way we use to think we were eating healthy.Caught in the same old routine eat less exercise more.

    One day the end of 2014 I decided that I was done and I wanted to change.I started researching different diets on the internet.I found the wild diet through the program my diet is better than your diet.This lead me to the Bulletproof diet, Ketogenic diet and then the Primal Blueprint diet.I do not look at these as diets but as a way of life.I started planning on when I was going to start and I finally made the jump.Found places to get my grass fed beef, wild caught fish and everything else healthy.

    I officially stated January 15th 2015 and weighed 323.3 pounds.I have been eating this way for 314 days now and have not looked back.My goal was to lose 100 lbs. over one year.Just under 2 pounds a week would be a safe and steady.Over the time I have had the issues most everyone inevitability falls into. Having too many carbs, too much fat and too much protein.I have refined my macros to =< 40 grams of carbs, 112 grams of proteins and as of now I am at 170 grams of fat. I have been refining this on a monthly basis, staying current with my body changes.

    Too make this more complicated for my job I leave my house on Mondays and usually return on Fridays.Since the selection of healthy nutritional food is so hard to find in restaurants. I do my Bulletproof coffee every morning and really love it.I stick to the 18 hours of fasting with no problems and do this daily. When I do check my ketones through a blood meter I have ranged anywhere between 2.8 and 4.3 mmol/L. I can usually always find a food co-op, Whole Foods, or other health food store to find foods for lunch and dinner.

    As I stated I am 314 days into this journey and have made to 217.8 lbs. which is 105.5 lbs. lost. This is 51 days earlier that my original goal I had set.I have read Primal Endurance and have been introducing that into my program.

    In June I had my blood work completed

    Cholesterol, Total 142 mg/dL

    Triglycerides 72 mg/dL

    HDL Cholesterol 48 mg/dL

    LDL Cholesterol Calc 80 mg/dL

    T. Chol/HDL Ratio 3.0

    C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac 0.11

    I enjoy reading all of the informative posts that are in this community.When someone has an issue there is always someone there with the information to help out.I have come to the conclusion if you want to succeed you will find a way.

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    Outstanding results. Congratualtions
    Finally have given up on MDA Forum.
    My friends, I'll see ya at where I'm user #4, and we do have a moderator.


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      That is a great way of introducing yourself Myonka, congratulations on your success and great results and don't hesitate to add to the informative posts. ☼
      "Don't sweat the small stuff and relax about the whole process"


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        You have the will, I'm so pleased you have found the way. Keep up the wonderful work. And welcome to this crazy forum.
        My first journal -


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          This is really a great story and a lesson for those, age is not a criteria for losing weight.


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            Oh Great! Very Inspirational. You have proved Age is not at all a factor to consider when you have clearly defined goals to conquer