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Any Hong Kong Grocks here ?

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  • Any Hong Kong Grocks here ?

    Any HK Grock or Grockettes here - it would be good to share ...


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    My hubby and I were living in HK only 6 months ago (spent the last 4 years there), so just missed you....Also, I grew up there as a teenager. I'll be happy to share memories!

    By the way, I always loved that we could get Australian Beef in HK (which is grass-fed) and the Frenz's eggs are pasture eggs...they sell 'em in some of the Welcome's


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      Hi Nina...sorry to have missed this ...and you both in HK.

      Seems the Primal word has not spread here.

      The meat selection here is wonderful I agree just very

      USDA Prime Rib-eye (chilled)

      usual price US$45.00 per kg

      ** or simply put ...

      That means about 10 USD per one 8 oz steak (supermarket price)


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        Yeah...prices for meat are a killer. Organic chicken....even worse! FYI for meat, I would advise you go for the Australian meat instead of USDA. It's grass-fed (whereas the imported US meat is grain-fed). So, the Australian is just a better quality meat, in general.

        Are you HK-side or Kowloon-side?

        By the way there's a great meat-shop (wholesale frozen) in Causeway Bay. It's on Leighton Road, very close to Happy Valley. I can't remember the exact location, but if you walk from Causeway Bay MTR station to Leighton Road, near Happy Valley you'll see it on one of the corners (I think it's either the corner of Leighton & Percival street or Leighton & Matheson Street...somewhere right there). It's a Chinese store and is always packed w/ people. We used to buy our meat in bulk there (as much as would fit in our tiny freezer). Much better than Welcome or some of the more expensive stores. They cut the steaks any size you want so, we used to ask for 1 inch steaks!

        I have to say I miss HK food (in general). Used to eat dumplings at least once a week in Wanchai (before we went Primal), and always went for good soups in the small street-stalls (snake-soup in the winter...yum!).

        Ever been to the Food Court in North Point? Great grub there! There's a stall on 3rd floor that makes a stir-fried fish-head dish which is just fabulous!


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          Thanks Nina

          I live in Clearwater bay but work in Tim Sha Tsui...

          Thanks for the tips!


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            Just joined on here and from Hong Kong too

            Regularly buy from that meat place is CWB, agreed its Beef is awesome


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              bump ....


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                Our best friends moved to Hong Kong a year ago Nov 1. I'm working on getting the mom primal And if we come visit, I'll look you up.

                Katherine in atlanta

                iherb referral code CIL457- $5 off first order


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                  Hi, I just got the PB book and plan to read it over the next two weeks as I fly out to Hong Kong Jan 20th to start work.

                  Would love to meet up with some people, especially someone who could help a n00b get on the correct path to being Primal... Making the transition from Chicago to Hong Kong will be a challenge in itself, but my goal is to be 80-90% within 2 weeks of arriving in Hong Kong...

                  All the best and I look forward to any tips and hopefully meeting up!


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                    Organic choices in HK are still few and far between (my wife was just there for a month). Not a lot of support there for mixed martial arts either...therefore it means that is an opportunity to serve a market not yet addressed by mainstream sources!!
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                      Looks like i'll have a challenge going Primal... but that is ok. I'm really really excited about moving to Hong Kong and going Primal at the same time and basically turning to a new page in my life. I'm not going to let any negatives get in the way. If anyone has anymore useful information please feel free to let me know!

                      BTW. Primalpilgrim - I was looking at some of your posts and your blog, absolutely amazing. Your success and kindness in helping others really is motivating me to want to live a PRIMAL lifestyle. I thank you for that!



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                        Thanks Barnesc.

                        Being in HK, organic meats would be very expensive. Your best bet might be organic\free range eggs. If you can speak Cantonese or phonetic Cantonese its called "chao tei gai taan" (literally "run ground chicken eggs").

                        As others have mentioned, Australian and New Zealand meats should be considered very good options (the lamb I use in Vancouver, Canada is from NZ).

                        Space is a premium in HK. Primal workouts could be anything from a single kettlebell in your living space to pull ups\chin ups\bodyweight stuff in public parks and recreation spaces.

                        If you are interested in cycling touring HK, get in touch with Amuro Lee from this forum

                        They run an active folding bicycle cycling group, communicate in English and are comfortable with western culture.
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                          I'll be sure to send a note once I get over there! I appreciate the link and the information above!


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                            Any Hk groks still here?

                            Living in north point and wanting to fellow ev fit people.

                            Please let me know.. Btw my cell is +852-5418-5490 .. Send me an SMS !


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                              Been in HK for nearly 5 years. Been primal over the last couple of months. HK is pretty expensive especially when it comes to organic meat and vegetables. However, i have realised that cooking primal at home is actually cheaper than eating out all the time.
                              Few but ripe.