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Just finished the Warrior Dash

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  • Just finished the Warrior Dash

    Hello everyone.

    This isn't much of a success story, however, I wanted to share this.

    I ran 30+miles a week before starting this lifesytle (about 5 months ago). Since then I have loved it but I was afraid my endurance would decrease. I have run maybe 10 times in the last 5 months now.

    This past Saturday I competed in the Warrior Dash (3.11 mile coarse through mudd and about 12 obstacles). I ended up finishing 8th out of 505 in the men's 20-24 age group and 44th out of 8,700 for the day. My time was 21:37 (about 6:11 minutes per mile).

    This is just another example of how awesome this lifestyle is. Running less has been great for my knees and has not seemed to decrease my endurance.

    After the race I enjoyed a huge turkey leg and a free beer.
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    Nice job!
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      I’m doing Spartan on June 4th and regarding the running portion I am VERY unprepared. I haven’t done any running but I’m confident that even with minimal training I’ll be okay to complete it, not sure about placing though but I’m doing it with friends so we’ll all be finishing together.
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        Good Luck!!

        Yeah the plan was to have fun with my friends and run with them, but my competitive nature kicked in so I went balls to the wall haha.


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          Way to go Terps!
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            I think it is a great success story! You are fast.



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              I am doing the warrior dash in August, you finished way faster than I plan to though, I have never been a runner so I am learning to run while training to be able to run the dash and not die. Congrats on your time though, thats awesome!
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                I've never been a runner- even dashing through parking lots was a bit much for me, but since becoming primal (and losing over 80lbs), I've notived that running to the car is no big deal. The idea of doing any sort of race used to be no way, but now you guys have me thinking ...


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                  That is amazing!! You totally Grokked it.
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                    That's awesome!! I was pretty worried about losing my ability to run a long distance, too. But then I ran a 10km the other week with not much prior training and was shocked at how easy it was.

                    I hear the Warrior Dash is pretty crazy. High fives to kicking its ass!


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                      Thank you everyone for the comments. The company just sent me some pictures of my race. One is of me jumping over fire. Another is me soaked in mud just finishing the last obstacle and getting ready to sprint to the finish.

                      Mudfinger. Are you a valet. That is currently what I do for a living. Being out in the sun doing and occasion sprint and constant movement is pretty awesome. haha