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For any of you doubters, it does work!

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  • For any of you doubters, it does work!

    Hello all! I've always been in decent shape, but struggled to lose extra fat, despite exercise and eating what I thought was a good diet. Just before coming upon MDA, I was doing the "grazing all day" approach and actually gained weight! Ugh! I was so disappointed.

    I've been following the primal lifestyle for about 6 weeks. I'd say my biggest change has been eliminating grains and most dairy, and really being concious of my carb intake. I have also accepted that I don't need to kill myself with ridiculous cardio to feel that I'm doing my body good. I train 2 days a week with a group doing circuit training/cardio and then 2 days of cardio on my own, usually a spinning class or boot camp. If I miss a day, no worries!

    I was measured today at my gym, and since April 11, I have lost overall 6 in. and dropped 2% body fat. I am at 23%...5 yrs ago I was 32%. I still weigh 142, but I know if I continue this lifestyle, more weight will come off, in time. I am very happy with my results! Anyone who is thinking of trying this needs to. Do not expect a ton of weight to fall off if you don't have alot to lose. Also, be easy on yourself...I still allow myself some yummy things, but I'd say 95% of the time I remain primal. You will feel better and look healthier! There is so much support for the facts here, and it all makes sense.

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    Welcome. I'm glad it's going well. Yeah, don't worry about the weight as long as the inches and body fat are improving.
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