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    Really hectic schedule on some days, plus a lot of past experience making excuses means I've only been to the gym twice this month, the 1st and today. And although I started eating right the last week of May, I didn't start working out until the last two weeks of June. But here's the results from this month, using the bodyfat scales at the gym:

    July 1
    193 pounds
    28.2% BF

    July 25
    194 pounds
    26.8% BF

    (I'm 5'10", so those numbers mean I'm an out-of-shape, squishy 48-yr-old. But that's changing. )

    That means I've lost 2 pounds of fat, and gained 4 pounds of muscle, with almost no effort expended.

    I cheated Saturday evening, and lunch and supper yesterday (Sunday), and by my scales at home, added 3-4 pounds. I'll check Thursday when I go back to the gym; by then I'll be back to normal.

    And - I'm also loving the full-body workouts. Today I did dips and pullups on the Gravitron, kettlebell swings to the front and sides, carried two kettlebells once around the indoor track, did dumbell overhead swing presses, dumbell swing curls, and pushups and rows on the TRX straps, all in about 30 minutes. (I'll do planks and situps tonight before bed.) I'm sure the workouts will take a little longer when I actually get in shape, or meet more people at the gym, but this goes well with my busy schedule, and makes it actually seem harder to fail.

    Did I mention I'm loving this?

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    Awesome! Its amazing how much change can occur while the scale weight number stays solid. Keep at it!
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      You'll be a hunky 48yo in no time, SteveO!


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        Hell yea man ditch the scale and keep track of the body fat. I would rather be 180 pounds and 15% body fat than the 150 pounds 17% body fat that I am at the moment. Only thing that is going to change that is keeping Primal. 10 weeks ago I was 22% body fat at 160 pounds.

        It truly is amazing how little the scale tells us about our health.


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          Well, I'm geeky enough to want to track it. :-)

          It doesn't bother me when the scale doesn't move, though. I've had two two-week periods when the scale didn't move, but I could tell by how my clothes fit I was losing fat.


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            Hehe I am glad though it goes to show that overall body fat > body weight.


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              Steve - I am the same way. I have weeks where the scale doesn't move but all my clothes are getting looser. I figure as long as I keep plugging along I will get there eventually.
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              Currently 130 fat pounds down which is 120 pounds on the scale while putting on 10 pounds of muscle
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