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    My favorite State Park Ranger asked me about the way I have been eating when we were on a hike together last month. I saw her this weekend and she is not only researching primal/paleo on her own, she is already made incredible changes to her diet without me having to say another word!
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      I convinced my boss to give it a try, but I'm pretty sure he went right back to eating sandwiches. Another co-worker is trying it and he's leaning out nicely.

      I convinced my workout buddy to make the change just by exhibiting my results. At first he didn't know I was saying Paleo, so he just started calling it the peyote diet, lol. He's dropped 12 pounds in a month, but he is extremely muscular to begin with. At this point he's way more hardcore about Paleo/Primal than I am. He's only "cheated" two times since starting and his results are pretty damn encouraging.

      I got my ex to change as well (while we were still together). She didn't want to read anything, so we just went to the grocery store together and I told her what to buy and cook. Kinda pissed because she looks even better now than she did when we were together... argh!
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        I've managed to successfully convert several members of my family. My sister, who despite being a chronic cardio freak has steadily been gaining weight, adopted this way of eating and is now at her lowest weight ever, without even exercising that much and without depriving herself. She's ecstatic about it and is completely motivated and committed to this way of eating.

        My mother, who has diabetes and was taking the much-hated statins for her high cholesterol, was ripe for a change. My father was more skeptical but he had no choice as my mom is the cook in their house. However, he got converted after his GERD went away completely after a couple of weeks and then to his shock, his high blood pressure plummeted to the ranges of a healthy young man. Away went his high blood pressure medications, which he hated taking.

        My mother threw her statins away and her blood sugar levels came down to levels not seen in more than 10 years after adopting this way of eating. In addition, she struggled with her weight all her life and without suffering through calorie restriction, she lost weight effortlessy (she's plateaued cause of her love of cheese and diary, in my opinion). Plus all her aches and pains, which I believe were adverse effects from the statins, went away and both her and my father have boundless energy. This all done while eating delicious food that they preferred anyways.

        Her success converted my uncle who also has high cholesterol and diabetes. He lost his pot belly and his blood sugar levels plummeted in a couple of months. My aunt is doing the same, mainly for weight loss purposes.

        I'm now finding out that my mother's friends, impressed about her changing body composition, glowing skin and thickening hair, are very interested in her new "diet" as they call it, and some are emailing and calling me for advice.

        I've had a few friends inquire about what I've been doing and I've informed them and given them resources but none of have seriously adopted it. A couple admitted they could never "give up bread and pasta" and I think most of them believe I'm going through a dietary fad which I've never done in my life so I don't know where they're getting that thinking from. However, their erroneous assumptions might change as each time I attend a social event, people note my improving body compsition and my gradual change from the fattest to the fittest one in our group.


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          And my wife has finally admitted that maybe, just maybe, she doesn't feel so well after eating grains.

          Yesterday she had a muffin at her school and said she felt really ill afterwards, with both a massive sugar rush/crash, and the need to visit the restroom.
          Quote: "What do they put in these things? Sugar and laxatives?"

          Now she's telling other people that she doesn't respond well to grains.



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            Friends of mine visited me in SF a month or so ago. I cooked them a hella primal meal and talked with them at length about paleo/primal during dinner (it wasnt me preaching, it was them asking questions. lots and lots of questions.) Theyre both very intelligent and understandably skeptical, but they were amazed at how good i looked and how my mood and demeanor was so improved. The girl of the couple, E, is a scientist as well, so I loaned her Good Calories Bad Calories. They flew back to LA the next day but I was going to be visiting down there in a month so I knew I could get it back from her then.

            Within a week, E was sending me text messages saying things like, "Im reading the book and HOLY SHIT, everything we've been told is based on lies!!!" I was like "THATS WHAT I SAID!!!"

            This past weekend I visited them in LA and found that they have converted to primal hard core. E became a loyal visitor to MDA and her husband, N, jumped on board once he learned that "bacon and good whiskey are diet foods." In the last three weeks, E hasnt lost much weight but her energy is apparently way higher, and I could see that shes been putting on great muscle tone (which might account for the minimal overall weight loss). N has lost ten pounds. I could hear the amazement in his voice as he talked about how pants that he could barely button just a month ago are now falling off of him constantly.

            We went to the beach before I left, where we had our own mini paleo fest, lifting and throwing around driftwood and running around in the sand. It was awesome to feel so energetic and happy together with my friends.
            "Since going primal, I've found that there are very few problems that cannot be solved with butter and/or bacon fat."

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              I love this thread.


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                My best and most important conversion was my wife. Of course, it kind of happened naturally because her doctor told her to remove gluten from her diet, and I, not yet Primal but reading MDA with envy, said "Hey! With what we're eating now, removing gluten makes us almost Primal." "What's that?" And the rest is history. I'd say I'm 90+% Primal now, and I'm still helping to wean my wife off some other non-wheat grains, but we're making good strides.

                I've even had the chance to mention it to an old friend of mine, who currently does P90X and way too much cardio, and not surprisingly is disappointed with meagre muscle gains and fat losses. He was very interested, but is worried about having problems because he still lives with his (Asian) parents and probably won't be able to duck out of eating at least white rice. But in my opinion, if that's all the grains he keeps in, and perhaps only once a day, there are much worse things one could do. So, having just finished reading PB myself, I ran his numbers through to give him a sense of what state he's in and what he'd be shooting for. So far he seems on board, but it's too early to tell whether he'll really want to follow through with it or not. For his sake I hope he does. I hate watching anyone struggle with a problem that can be easily remedied.
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                  Every day I wake up and my daughter (being baby sat by my MIL who lives with us) is eating cheerios. My wife wants pasta for breakfast, hamburgers from McDonalds after eating a normal meal at my parents house, feels like crap all the time, and wonders why I've switched off of cw and am now OBSESSED with eating unhealthy.

                  Fat makes you fat, right?
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                    My husband is my first convert but my sister in NZ and her husband have started as well. I sent her a copy of The Paleo Diet (sorry Mark but it was the first paleo book I had read) and she has rung me a few times asking questions. She has visited this site but don't know if she has subscribed yet. Fingers crossed. Then yesterday some I "know" on another weight loss site showed interest in what I was saying and has now ordered Mark's book. I really want to reach my son who is obese. My young grandaughter is autistic with hugely poor sleep patterns and my son and DIL can barely get through the day now on the little sleep they manage to get. It's very hard to get enthusiastic when you're drop down dead tired most of the time. When I visit them in March (they live in NZ and I live in Australia) I hope to show them some quick easy recipes and maybe set their freezer up so they have some primal meals ready to go.
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                      I've had some successful conversions at work.

                      1) First guy asked about it, borrowed several of my books including PB, and has lost 10lbs last I heard.
                      2) Second guy is not really a conversion, but already seemed to have some health focus and agreed with much of what I said
                      3) Third guy borrowed a book, mostly worried about his cholesterol, and said would try it until his next blood test, but I don't really see how he eats
                      4) Fourth guy seemed interested after a 3-way conversation with guy 1
                      5) Another guy just said he'd try it for the month of January and on the encouragement of guy 1 borrowed Why We Get Fat
                      6) One old friend is intrigued but still hesitant as she feels the consumption of fats leads to bad cases of acne for her but did try to lower her carb intake
                      7) Another friend says I'm an inspiration for her to eat more healthy (I think she's vegan though).
                      8) I think one of my diabetic friends has started to cut out the breads and other carbs (another one still eats his "diabetic" cookies and stuff though)

                      The way I do it is just leave a bunch of books at my desk while often coming in wearing T-shirts espousing the Primal/Paleo ways, which leads to a lot of conversation starters. It also helps that I lost 55 lbs over the year. I also post stuff on Facebook that I find and do stuff like bring in tasty roast pork and duck to work to make get conversations going.
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                        I hope that getting off the emotional roller coaster of sugar makes your 'friend' into a more understanding and nicer person.
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                          My parents are trying it after seeing I've lost 30 pounds and counting. They love it.


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                            I've gotten my parents on board. My mom brought sandwiches home from work because there was a meeting at work today. My dad grabbed one because he had only eaten some cottage cheese earlier in the day even though he took a salad with him for lunch. His excuse for not eating the salad: he didn't have a fork to eat the salad with. My mom told him he should have used his fingers. When I walked by he said that particular kind of bread was better than most. I responded with, "Not really."

                            My dad says he's already dropped 10 lbs. I told my mom to take another sandwich when he wasn't around and put the cheese and meat from it into his current sandwich. I expect good results for both of them throughout this year because it's a way of eating they'll be able to maintain. I'll get them more active soon as well.


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                              Update. It's been over a year. My parents have dropped at least a combined 100 lbs. I believe my mom has reached a stable point because she made a comment about thinking she was putting on a couple of pounds. Her stress levels are up a bit now with a new job and all so that doesn't surprise me much. I've been encouraging her to do more exercise. The weight they have lost has been due simply to changing the diet and no added exercise.


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                                That's really awesome. My parents aren't terribly overweight, but my mom is still fully on board the "no-fat" CW thing, and for the first time we actually had some disagreements last christmas about what to eat. But I understand it's really really hard to change to a Paleo way of thinking when being told for 20+ years that fat is bad. So consider yourself lucky that your parents have done it at all. My dad is actually open to the idea but mom makes all the food, so I think I would have to actually live there and cook Paleo options for every meal for any real changes to be made, sigh...
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