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  • Paleo ice cream

    wanted to make paleo icecream with coconut milk nd some fruit? any ideas, or has anyone tried it?

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    Take a look at this thread:
    My blog: Pretty Good Paleo
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      I've made this before, and it's really yummy. (Totally not low carb though!)

      Strawberry Banana Coconut Milk Ice Cream

      In a food processor blend the following (all measurements approximate)

      1/2 frozen banana

      5-6 frozen strawberries

      1 cup coconut milk (full fat)

      1/2-1 tsp vanilla extract

      Puree until there is a smooth consistency--add more/less coconut milk to get the right ice cream-like texture.

      SOOOOO delicious--my dh thought it tasted as good as the homemade strawberry ice cream I've made in the past, and he can be pretty picky, esp. when it comes to *my* cooking. If you keep a few bananas and a bag of strawberries in the freezer, you can make this in minutes. My favorite part is that there is no sweetener needed--the bananas certainly make it sweet enough!


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        Thank you so much... I will defiantly be trying this! I might put some protein powder in it to balance the carb overload. and im thinking about getting an ice cream maker and putting the cocunut milk and fruit in it.


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          GREAT idea ondrea! The sugar rush of this is a bit too much for me--I love the idea of adding a protein powder....I also wonder about adding eggs or egg yolks--I've read of folks doing that with ice cream for a better texture. I need to look into that!

          You could totally use a blender to mix it all together than throw it in an ice cream maker! I really found it to have a very similar consistency to what comes out of my ice cream maker when I food processed it (w/ the fruit pre-frozen) though.

          LMK how it comes out for you if you try it!


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            ya that sounds great! and i will let you know how it comes out!!!


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              I stole an idea from someone else (maybe Tarlach?) and tried it just tonight in our new ice cream maker... Turned out well! Basically:

              Blend 1 c. coconut milk, 1 banana, and 2 egg yolks

              Heat gently in pan & stir until mixture thickens (this cooks the yolks)

              Cool & stir for a few minutes, then chill in refrigerator

              Throw in ice cream maker


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                I bet that would taste awesome, esp w/ a little vanilla or orange extract (I'm in love w/ orange extract right now...) Sounds sooo yummy! Will have to try!


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                    oh i didnt even think about orange extract! that would taste so good!


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                      I can't figure out which thread to post this in, but I was recently gifted a gelato maker so I imagine there is lots of gelato in my future.

                      1 cup of coconut milk
                      2 bananas
                      vanilla extract
                      a little bit of lemon juice

                      Throw in gelato maker for 40 minutes.

                      Looking forward to more recipes as the seasons change!


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                        For me it's frozen berries, a little cottage cheese, some whey, a little unsweetened cocoa powder and just a tad of milk to get the why moist.


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                          My new easy favorite.. Frozen blueberries, shedded coconut, & the cream from a cold can of coconut milk. Mix up very quickly, & the frozen BB's freeze the coconut milk instantly to them. So it like a frozen treat with zero effort of prep. Reminds me of jumbo Dippin Dots.
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