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  • 1 year primal

    Before primal I was on a 100% SAD (standard american diet). Lots of carbohydrates, processed foods, sinfully sweet snacks and very little to no vegetables and fruit. Also boozed it up on a regular basis and exercise was considered running to the toilet cause I had the runs.

    Fast forward to now it's lots of vegetables and fruit, about the same amount of meat and I never fry any of my food. I prefer to bake my meat and steam my veggies cause I feel it's cleaner. Starches and sweets still occur in my diet cause I find it hard to resist but definitely only a couple times a week instead of every meal, every day before. I hit the gym 3 times a week now too.

    Changes? No more stomach aches! Yay! Which means no more diarrhea!! Double yay! I lost my miniature Homer Simpson gut that never allowed my abdominals to show, now I'm pretty ripped. Used to be 15% body fat now I'm at 10%. I look younger now cause my face is less fat too. A non-bodily change that also happened was that I lost contact with most of my friends cause I guess eating out was the only thing that got us together. Oh well, I think my health is more important, especially in my 30's.

    Besides the change in diet I realized sleep is super important when it comes to feeling good physically and mentally. It definitely isn't just a diet but a lifestyle. I know, I sound like a Jenny Craig commercial.

    I know I'll never be 100% strict primal/paleo but I know I'll never go back to my old ways. Even If I do incorporate a few cheat meals a week, I strongly believe I'm still doing way better than the vast majority of people in the western society in terms of diet. If I have 1 day of eating SAD, I feel like total crap mentally and physically. Feels like I ate sludge or something.

    This new outlook on life and diet even inspired me to create a website about paleo/primal eating and my experiences. It would be an honour for me if you checked it out.

    Sustainable Paleo/Primal Diet - I'm not selling anything

    Feedback is welcome of course. Well, thanks for reading and keep on trucking!


    Allan Johnson

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    wtg on reaching one year. almost 4 months for me, and my experience has been much the same as yours. I too will Grok on for the duration.
    Live your life and love your life. It's the only one you get.


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      Allan I went to your website. Nice looking but there are one or two little changes you might think about.

      The green type: hard to read.

      The font: Not as easy as what we have on this website.

      I am lazy and will not struggle to read something on the monitor. (Very rarely, I will copy and paste from a website to a text program so I can read something I am interested in.)


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        Congrats on making it to a year! Coming up on 8 months myself, and while I too will never be 100% primal, the changes to my life have been fast and dramatic. And I like Fathead on your homepage :-) I tell all my CW friends with access to a Netflix account to go watch that, it's streaming online, and it makes it so I have to do much less explaining myself.


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          Congratulations Allan!

          I also couldn't read the font on your blog - if you'd like to change it then let us know I'd be happy to revisit.
          Positively Radical Pigeonholes are for Pigeons!


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            Thanks Mike. It's been a year but feels a lot longer. Probably cause it's not that easy. I think the first couple months are the hardest.


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              Thanks for the feedback regarding my font and thanks for the encouragement. I changed the font so hopefully it's ok.

              Kent, you got a good site going. That was a crazy transformation. Good stuff man. I also eat baby bok choy almost everyday and yes that was a good looking breakfast.


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                HillsideGina, yes ping pong is an intense sport. Makes you sweat as fast and hard as any other sport out there. I know, I used to be in the ping pong club in high school. Crap, I just admitted my nerdiness. It's all good. It's an awesome game.


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                  Much better for reading now!

                  At least I'm a Primal Nerd! LOL.
                  Positively Radical Pigeonholes are for Pigeons!