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  • Celebrate! I Feel Great

    So I have been tinkering and I'm practically Primal now, and I feel great. I'm not getting head spins or blackouts when I stand up and I'm - get this - not constantly hungry! It is so free-ing.
    I think you guys gRock!!
    I'm off eggs, dairy, nuts, gluten and I still have loads to eat. I'm no chef but the food I'm making tastes great. I've got a very lazy snack list of plain hot cocoas, or lettuce wrapped in ham, or coconut oil. My cooking is pretty lazy too. Yesterday I put a thing of pork with salt in the oven and checked it twice, and ate it. Just like that. Ha. Who knew cooking was so easy. I kept the top bit to try to make crackling under the grill. It was pretty tasty for a first go.
    I feel a bit chubbier which is nice but occured while tinkering with primal. I needed a bit of weight. I'm doing this for energy & nutrition with my tummy troubles and whatnot.
    It's hard staying gluten free! Its in nearly everything!
    oh, and I hardly feel like smoking, wow. I still am though haha. Old habits. I think the cravings are related to blood sugar spikes and caffeine. I'm still having caffeine.
    So yeah, one happy camper here.
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    That's great! How long have you been on?
    My True Primal Story


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      Thanks! Ooh a couple of weeks maybe, but I was still taking rice until a couple of days ago. And I was cheating, when out and about. I might be okay with rice, but I want to give myself the bet shot. I'm playing around with some easy vegetable & herb mixes for flavour & carbs instead of rice. Who knew coriander was so tasty ha!