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Two successes Plantar Facsiitis and Insomnia.

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  • Two successes Plantar Facsiitis and Insomnia.

    I'd just like to tell you about my two success stories in the past 2 months.
    The big one is Magnesium supplements. I have suffered very bad insomnia for 20 years, since my first child was born. I tried everything I could think of.
    Avoiding eating after 6 pm:having a milky drink before bed:ear plugs, eye shades: I even got a bigger bed so that my poor husband is abandoned on the remote corner in an island of duvet.
    I'd been having a bad spell of sleep deprivation, because that's how it feels,I feel drained and unable to function on between 2 and 4 hours sleep per night.
    Having read and inwardly digested Primal Blueprint....eventually, though I'm still returning to reread. I decided I had nothing to loose by trying a liquid Magnesium supplement. Finnaly tracking down a Floridix after about a weeks of searching.
    It is now about three weeks of using it and I definitely am feeling the benefits. It wasn't instant, it took about a week for the first nights sleep.
    I am someone who only slept right through the night maybe one a year at most. The effect of the magnesuim has been dramatic. I have been sleeping through the night on more than 50 percent of nights for the past 2 weeks. Thats a whopping 8 hours.... I'm just really thankful.
    The other success is about massage and Plantar Fasiitis. I suffered from PF for about 3 months. Tried cortisone injection. Which I won't be doing again in a hurry. ( I thought child birth was painful!)
    So it was getting worse and not better, more and more inflamation in the foot and calf.
    Instead of concentrationg on the symptoms I've been trying to find the seat of the problem.
    I know that due to an injury on thet leg that the ankle is a little more stiff. without realising I'd been compensationg for the injury over the past 30 years, even adjusting how I was going down stairs or standing with my heel lifted when cooking or doing things.
    I took a good look at what this had done. I have been making the calf muscle and tendons short... just like wearing high heel shoes.
    So, we have been working on the calf muscle. Stretching and massage, aswell as roling the foot. Anyone with PF will know how excrutiatingly painful the foot massage is.
    one video I have found good is this about a technique shown here, there are plenty of good videos on Youtube, ( I tried to embed the one I used but it won't, sorry) so heres' the name of it. it's by "freeheelpainhelp" called Active Muscle Rlease for Pantar Facsiitis.
    My foot is much better, I am waking properly again, went for a two mile walk yesterday, and the foot is still ok this morning, I can feel that it is healing. I still can't go out without some cushioning under the foot, but the way which it is feeling less painful is great.
    I have been hoping to get back to my barefoot shoes, but I'll just be glad to go out waliking again.

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    Congrats on the improvements. I too suffer from PF. It's improved a lot since I started PB. I still notice I have tight lower calf muscles when I stand first thing in the morning. I suspect that it's been caused by having to stand on my tippy toes all the time to reach stuff (I'm really short). I'm trying to make a concerted effort to stretch them to help recover completely from the PF. And thank you for the Youtube suggestion.


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      Big congratulations on both scores!

      I too suffer the PF. The first time I did the foot massage with a ice roller, I would've screamed if the family had not been in bed asleep. But, I did it anyway. The next night, it wasn't quite as painful. Then the day after that, I could run reasonably. It still bugs me some, but it was amazing the difference it made.

      I will sahre your sleep story with my wife...she needs some of that.