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Hi! My 3 month Journey.

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  • Hi! My 3 month Journey.

    Well... first of all hello to everyone. It's my first time posting, but I have been a lurker for a while. I have really enjoyed the success stories and before and after pictures... so I wanted to share my quick story too in the hope that it will give someone as much motivation as other people have done for me. I'll get some pics posted in the other thread ASAP.

    A little about me.... I'm 28 years old, male, and am about 6'1". 3 Months ago to the day I started my paleo/caveman education and way of life. I have done MANY things to change my life, and I can say with 100% honesty that I am slimmer, fitter, and HEALTHIER than I have ever been.

    I graduated HS at about 175 lbs.... fairly athletic but nothing to write to the scouts about. Through college and the few years after college up to 3 months ago I got up to 225 lbs, which was about 25% body fat.. maybe more. I really didn't look all that large and people never seemed to believe me if I told them how much I weighed. But, I could feel it... I knew it.... when I ran I could feel my belly flying all over the place. Gross.

    I had constant stomach problems.... it just always seem to hurt. I would sit at my desk at work and un-buttom the top of my pants just so I could focus on getting my work done and not think about how much my stomach hurt. I felt weak too - and was out of breath at the easiest of tasks.... carrying groceries upstairs, etc. My blood pressure was 140/90... pre-hypertensive and my BMI was 28 which was on the upper-end of the over-weight category for my height. My resting heart rate was over 70-75.... Overall, I just felt really down on myself.

    My Fiance was in the same boat as me.... we'd both just been so busy with work and learning how to be an adult after college that we'd neglected ourselves.... and really, didn't have the knowledge to be healthy anyway.

    THEN!!! The most amazing thing happened.... we discovered Paleo. I bought a few books and started reading. I really started to dig the mindset of being a caveman. I have a real problem with the way people are expected to live these days.... really it was a big problem with expectations from a retarded general public on the way we are supposed to live.

    So, I cut grains... sugar... alcohol way back... I started walking and lifting. Got some caveman shoes (vibrams). I sprint once a week. I sleep in the darkest room I could make. I enjoy fasting now. I take supplements (vit D, fish oil, and a pro-biotic). I WILL get more sun if it ever gets nicest enough to be outside here.

    After 3 months.... I went from 225 to 175. My blood pressure is in the 115/70s. My resting heart rate is at 60. My BMI index is at 23.... right in the middle of the healthy range. I estimate my body fat to be around 12-13% now.... and I'm just getting started. My goal is to start adding muscle mass now.

    I just am amazed - and happy. I don't have stomach problems anymore. I feel stronger.... AND... my Fiance is STOKED. Not to mention, she's lost 15 lbs in 3 months as well which makes me STOKED as well. Our relationship has gotten stronger.... and better in everyway. We have helped each other through this transition and are committed to staying cavepeople for the rest of our lives. For such a simple change in what you eat.... to have this dramatic effect and change nearly every aspect of your life is amazing. I understand Marks goal of wanting to help 10mil people get healthy... it's so easy... and does so much. Thank you Mark for your roll in my education and journey to be a the best Caveman I can be.

    Hope that wasn't too long....

    Thanks for reading and grok on.


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    Good lord, 50 lbs in 3 months??? Congratulations, and keep it up!


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      Originally posted by Uppy View Post
      Good lord, 50 lbs in 3 months??? Congratulations, and keep it up!
      Seriously! I for one would love to see pics of you and/or your GF's progress. Hope you feel comfortable enough to share sometime soon! Welcome to being active on the boards ;D
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        great job!
        started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

        my journal -


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          thanks guys! yeh - we have adopted this lifestyle for the longterm.

          will get some pics up soon...